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Jun 10, 2008 06:16 PM

Mansfield, MA/Pre concert dinner

Hey everybody! I hope you're all handling the heat well!
Here we go...I'm going to REM at the Comcast/Tweeter/Great Woods Center this Friday, and I'm hoping to find a spot in the area for dinner, other than what the concession stands have to offer, sure, I'll have a beer or two during the concert, but, I'm looking for a spot for dinner before the concert. Have a decent meal, a glass or two of wine.......I read that Jimmy's Pub was good, but I also read that it's terrible.
If anyone has a rec, I'd be forever in your debt.
I'm open to any type of food.
You can post here or

Thanks for your tips!


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  1. Not too far away, Rossi's in Millis (next town over from Wrentham) opened recently. The menu is solid and appealing, It's not necessarily Italian, more Mediterranean. The restaurant has a nice bar. It is in an old Victorian mansion. P.S. It will always be Great Woods to me.

      1. It depends a bit on your budget and interests. Trattoria della Nonna in downtown Mansfield is very good, not cheap. Coriander in Sharon is excellent, but has South End prices. There's a Piccadilly Pub on 140 in Foxboro/Mansfield, for inexpensive pub grub. There aren't many real gems in the area, alas.

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        1. re: winedude

          do you know if this Picadilly Pub serves the Peel-N-Eat shrimps and Double Lobster Roll as the Peabody PP did???

          1. re: winedude

            Do not go to Piccadilly Pub. The food is horrendous. Coriander is consistently good, but probably not what you're looking for, and I'm not a fan of Trattoria at all. Not next door to Tweeter (or Comcast Center as it's now called) but not too far away is The Chieftain on Route 1 in Plainville. Very good Irish pub with buckets of steamers and a wide beer selection. Easy to hop back on 495 and get to the show too. Also nearby and featured this week in the Globe is Loco on Route 106 in Easton (but very close to Mansfield). Good bartending. Avoid the foie gras, but get the garlic shrimp.

            1. re: fullbelly

              Second the recommendation for the Chieftain. It's a fun place to eat and that bucket of steamers is the best. Prices are very reasonable, too.

              1. re: rmperry

                It is a great place. We actually saw James Woods (the actor) there a couple weeks ago. I guess he's a regular -- though we're regulars too, and I've never seen him there before?!

            2. re: winedude

              I thought Trattoria della Nonna closed. oops - guess not since the OP went there.

            3. thanks for the tips, I had a feeling it wouldn't be easy.
              naughty'll always be great woods to me too!
              Millis is a bit "out of the way" but I'll check it out in the future.
              Promixcuous, I know what you mean.
              Winedude....the Piccadilly Pub? I don't know......

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              1. re: JohnG

                Rossi's is no where near Great woods{Or whatever the name is this week} Try something rte 1 Sharon maybe. Wicked A boston Bistro has opened recently and is banging the place out.

                1. re: JohnG

                  Just for the record, I only mentioned Piccadilly Pub as an alternative to eating at the concession stands at Great Woods. It's not chow-worthy by any means, but it is cheap, relatively quick, and a good place for free popcorn, a couple of beers, and a decent chicken sandwich, nothing more. And it has good access back to Great Woods.

                  I've been there twice. I'm guessing it's better than Chili's, Appleby's, or the 99, but it's on that scale.

                  1. re: winedude

                    so no humoungous lobster rolls and buckets of peel-n-eat shrimps?

                    1. re: ScubaSteve

                      Free Popcorn. Beer. Chicken Sandwich (and mediocre fries).

                      That's all I know.

                    2. re: winedude

                      Sorry, winedude. I didn't mean to be a jerk about it. Picadilly is fine for a beer and popcorn, but anything more than that is pretty dreadful. And John G. just be forewarned, plan a lot of extra time if you're going to Trattoria della Nonna. A lot. The room is beautiful with the open brick, and the food can be okay (it's not on level with Coriander), but the service is slow and is coupled with a "we don't care" attitude. For my $100+ we'll easily can spend on dinner, that part really bugs me. It applies to regulars and not. Just so you know.

                  2. About ten or so miles away in Wrentham is one of my favorites. Tom's Tavern just off Route 140. I always make a stop in there when heading to/from the Wrentham Outlets.