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Jun 10, 2008 06:03 PM

SOLU at the Singer Island Resort

We took a quick getaway to Singer Island. We were pleasantly surprised. The resort was simply lovely, right on the ocean, lovely pool, even better kids pool

The restaurant Solu, was a complete surprise. The service was outstanding, the presentation was terrific. My only complaint was that the appetizers were such large servings, we were full when our entrees arrived.

The food has an asian twist and is full of flavor.

The most exciting part were the dessert "flights". Smaller portions of the dessert menu, and you can choose how many you would like.

We have decided that the resort and the restaurant are worth going back for.

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  1. The chef, Carlos Jorge was the chef at The Raleigh (south beach) a few years ago when it was very good.
    The rooms at the hotel are very nice

    1. Most of the reviews, from both critics and customers, have been very good except for one person on here who didn't think too much of it. Thanks for the review.