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Jun 10, 2008 05:56 PM

tepache in SF Mission OR near Mtn View?

Well, it's summer finally, and after having heard about tepache (Mexican fermented pineapple drink) for years, but never actually seeing it, I'm making it my mission to find it!

Can anybody tell me which restaurants would be likely to have tepache in either the Mission, in San Francisco, or in the vicinity of Mtn View?

If places are serving any other fresh drinks beside the usual melon-sandia-horchata agua fresca, let's hear it!


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  1. La Casita Chilanga in Redwood City (the one on Middlefield Rd) often has it.

    I've never seen it in San Francisco.

    1. On the weekends there's a wonderful guy who sells tepache out of his pickup truck on International Blvd. in Oakland. I encountered him parked in front of La Torta Loca. He'll try to get you to feel his arm muscles, then he'll tell you that he's 78 years old, and that he built a bunch of Disneyland. His tepache is great. He also has two other beverages, which I can't really describe except as a kind of Mexican kombucha. Good luck!