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Jun 10, 2008 05:33 PM

Saigon Fast Food in Greenville, SC?

Anybody have a review?

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  1. I have a second hand review: My husband, who is a moderate, but not huge, fan of Vietnamese cuisine, tried it last week and liked it...suggested I go scope out the menu for more stuff he would like. I haven't made it yet, though.

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    1. re: danna

      Just got back:Spring rolls - seemed very fresh, the sauce was weird, though.

      Bahn Mi - my first ever! I got it w/ red pork, I liked it... high bread to filling ratio, but that's OK, I over ordered anyway. Nice flavor to the veggies, the jalepenos (which I was advised to remove if I didn't want) were HOT...I removed..although I appreciated their original presense.

      Verdict: I didn't fall in love, but I liked it well enough to go back and try some more stuff.

      Jeff C., if you're reading, please tell me what you like to get.

    2. Well, after hearing about this place in Greenville SC (as a place to assuage my bahn mi cravings) I finally made it down. Boy do I wish I hadn't. This ranked as one of my top 5 most memorable dining experiences due to the sheer crappiness of the food. We had a veg bahn mi, an order of viet fried rice, a clay pot dish and a bowl of seaweed,tofu soup and it was all bordering on barely edible (and we ate about 4 bites of everything). I am so sad as I NEED A VIETNAMESE FIX NEAR ASHEVILLE!!!!! And this ain't it. ZERO STARS

      1. Pretty darn amazing -

        I've traveled extensively in Laos, Vietnam (going again next year just to spend a week eating in the Mekong) and spent over a year in Thailand..and I cook Thai food - Well.

        OK, so is it the best Vietnamese food I've ever had? No, not even close. Is it good Vietnamese food? - Yes - & I'd say some of the dishes are better than good . And the menu, damn, they can turn out (it seems) a hundred dishes from their small kitchen & they do a good job with ingredients you will not typically find in a small southern town like tendon & tripe.

        Recommend & will go again

        We drive there from Asheville - where there is no good Vietnamese or Asian noodles (the "Noodle Shop" - please, just shoot me - poor food & some kind of weird estrogen attitude).

        There is one other Vietnamese place in Greenville (I don't recall the name) which is OK for Pho & Fresh rolls. but go to SFF for a better offering.

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        1. re: global_eater

          I'm astounded - the food was likely the crappiest food (outside Vinnies in Asheville) that we'd ever had and friends, I am forgiving!

          1. re: jbyoga

            I know this is an older post, but I went back a second time to SFF for lunch yesterday. Had the viet summer rolls and roast pork banh mi, both of which were very good. I was the only caucasian in there, other folks were enjoying pho. I'll be back.

            Also, stopped in a great bakery and small restaurant in Lyman on my way home to pick up some pastries for my wife for valentines. What a find! It's called Nation's Bakery on Spartanburg Highway (Hwy 29) in Lyman. Great selections of sweets, breads, etc. They also serve breakfast and lunch. Check it out!