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Jun 10, 2008 05:21 PM

Loved Ibiza- What's next Meigas or Sabor?

Looking for a delicious birthday dinner spot- we tried Ibiza in New Haven recently and loved it. I'd almost go back there again but I have been reading about Meigas and Sabor and wonder how they compare to Ibiza. The menus for both places look great although reviews for Meigas seem a bit mixed. Any thoughts for which to try next?

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  1. I have been to both Ibiza and Meigas. If you loved Ibiza, as I did, you will like Meigas, too. They are sister restaurants, and very similar. For some reason I liked Ibiza a bit more-- I think the vibe there is a little more fun. But Meigas has excellent food and the restaurant is lovely.

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      I've only been to Meigas and liked it a lot.

      Also, I think La Paella is just around the corner? An outstanding tapas place.

    2. We went to Ibiza and loved it, and then went to try Meigas. We were a bit disappointed overall. Here is a link to my review from March
      The apps were fabulous, but the entrees just fell short. The vibe there is also a bit...stuffy...quiet...not sure what it was, but it just wasn't upbeat like Ibiza.
      We've also eaten at Sabor twice and enjoyed it very much, really interesting dishes and combinations. I would recommend that before trying Meigas.

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        Thanks for the tips- we ended up trying Sabor first which was terrific (chic atmosphere and delicious, well composed plates to match). We then tried Meigas and had a similar situation to which you described. The restaurant was half empty, and dishes appeared without the ingredients with which they were billed (olive oil ice cream on a tuna appetizer was nowhere to be seen, salmon with white almond/grape gazpacho came instead over a diced potato salad with no taste of gazpacho at all). When we asked the waitress where the ingredients we thought were to accompany the dishes were, we were curtly told that they were in fact on the plate, which seemed a bit strange. Regardless of the ingredient swaps, we enjoyed our appetizers and mains very much. The one big misstep was the chocolate souffle dessert which was instead a very overdone and tough warm chocolate cake and which was strangely served over a bed of cocoa rice crispies to a very untasty effect. We also noticed several tables around us receiving complementary tiny dessert sample plates which we were not so nicely omitted from. The food overall was very good, but we found that the not so gracious service combined with the very average aesthetic surroundings detracted from the dining experience. Ibiza really felt like a special place while we didn't feel that Meigas shared the same magic.

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          Wow, not good robin76. Where is Sabor?

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            Sabor is in New Haven- there are actually two restaurant concepts in one space (Bespoke is the other) with separate menus, but you can order off of either menu. The Sabor menu is Latin influenced and the dishes we tried were terrific. The space is gorgeous, atmosphere trendy and fun, and the service was great.

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              Maybe I was there on an off night, but I found Bespoke/Sabor a mess food-wise. Having the 2 very different menus side by side was a strange touch, and our waitress couldn't even keep the dishes from each straight in her head. Service was totally amateurish-- the waitress pronounced an appetizer special "FOY gras." Not that it's a sin to mispronounce, but I thought that indicative of the way the restaurant's execution fell way short of its pretensions.

              I had a pork special, and the plate was so jumbled with different ingredients I had no idea what I was eating. A side billed as eggplant had an uncanny resemblance to potatoes. Or maybe it was the other way around. While I like Ibiza as a whole better than Meigas, in my opinion the food at Meigas is far superior to Sabor. Bespoke/Sabor is a pretty, fun, trendy place but the food needs work.

              1. re: Shawn

                We had the opposite experience! Loved the food at Sabor and thought Meigas needed work. I will agree that Ibiza is the best of the bunch though.