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Jun 10, 2008 04:38 PM

RI natives!! Help me with my quahogs!!!

I came to narragansett for a week mainly to clam and in doing so I now have a lovely batch of quahogs. Now, I'm no newbie to clams or shellfish but when I cooked these guys they were nothing but sand. All of my hard work and I had inedible clams. I have 5 days left to catch and cook them.

Isn't there a way to preop these guys so they spit their sand before you cook them?

Give me pointers!


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    1. Rubee's link is good. It's what I do-- I collect them and then let them sit in a bucket of saltwater for a while while I'm still at the beach. Then I'll let them sit in water again at home.

      Thanks for the cornmeal trick, Rubee!