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Jan 13, 2003 12:35 PM

Best places for french fries?

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Does anyone know a good place to have FF? I remember seeing on TV that Danny Glover or Samuel Jackson has a place strictly for french fries? Does anyone know where it is? Are there any other places in LA who specializes in FF? Thanks

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  1. I think it was called Hollywood fries.
    I am sure it was in Westwood, near UCLA
    Please report back after you go

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      Barbeque King on Cesar Chavez and Figueroa, downtown L.A. Not a fry place obviously but they are homemade and incredible. Also, Gordon Biersch Brewery has some awesome garlic fries.

    2. I'm partial to the cheddar fries served at Islands with a side of ranch dressing. The regular basket of fries is OK, but these are amazing!

      1. The place you are referring to is called Hollywood Fries in Westwood - it's owned by Danny Glover. Funny, my sister and her boyfriend just saw a tv feature on it as well a couple of weeks ago so we went out to try it. Verdict: seems to be coasting on it's star connection and "exotic" dipping sauces. The fries were stale and bordered on over-fried. The sauces (we tried 4 in all - Old-fashion Ketchup, Garlic Ketchup, Chipotle Mayo and Garlic Mayo) were nothing that you can't find bottled already or that you can't make yourself. And the service was incredible slow - I kid you not we waited 1/2 an hour for 2 orders of fries.

        1. I wouldn't call it a "specialty fries" place, but the Library Alehouse on Main St. in Santa Monica makes some darn good fries that you can request "Belgian style" to better accompany one of the Belgian abbey ales they also serve there.

          As per the thread below, I don't think they're actually frying them in horse fat, so maybe they mean "Belgian" somewhat loosely. Still, really good...

          1. At one time I loved the fries at Mo Better Meatty Meat Burger. I think they are the really greasey fried in peanut oil variety. But I aven't been in a long time.

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            1. re: stretch

              Mo' Bettah's fries are still great and are still, as you described, of the large, limp, peanut oil steak variety. they use real potatoes w/skins on. be forewarned: some of the slowest service on the planet. give yourself at least 20 mins. if you order a burger and fries.

              also vouch for Cafe Stella

              1. re: Est Nyboer

                The service (as in how long it takes to place your order) is not slow, it just takes a while to make each burger. Should this be held against them??? Order ahead from the car like I do. The burgers are great and the fries are even better.

                And thanks for giving me yet another reason (as if i needed one) to blow my miniscule paycheck at Cafe Stella.


                1. re: Jon

                  i don't think it should be held against them. i love the place. i think people should know that it takes a while.

                  1. re: Est Nyboer

                    got did surprise me the first time I went. In and Out and the other places have made us impatient for our burgers.

                    1. re: Jon

                      I love In and Out, but it's hard to imagine a hamburger place being slower than they are.