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Jun 10, 2008 03:50 PM

Les Enfants Terribles?

Has anyone tried Les Enfants Terribles on Bernard? I believe it just opened. It looks promising.

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  1. I was there for bruch on Sunday...

    The space which was previously Vasco de Gama has been renovated and it looks great! I really liked the atmosphere and the decor...

    I didnt have the best experience as far as the service was concerned...To make a long story short, somebody got my order wrong, I had to send it back by the time it came back my boyfriend was already done with his eggs benedict so we basically took turns eating.
    His eggs benedict were not great, the hollandaise sauce was REALLY thick...My omelette was OK, not the best I've had waaaaay too much cheese, so much so that I cant remember what else was supposed to be in there :(

    All this being said, they are fairly new and I would perhaps give it another chance because I LOVED what they've done with the space....maybe for diner next time.

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    1. re: mangermtl2

      Unfortunately... food still not great and service worse! I went yesterday, and the staff is stressed... they're noting everyone's mistake amonsgt themselves while serving the clients (not very relaxing let me tell you!)

      The owner is also very rude! It was made clear that as soon as you pay you need to vacate to make room to other wallets. I've never been treated so unrespectfully after paying a 150$ to a restaurant on a Wednesday night.

      The terrasse and decor are indeed great, but for a restaurant, the owner should stay well-hidden, the waiters should relax a bit, and the cook should try to at least like his job a bit.

      Will wait for new management to go back!!!! In the meantime, I will continue to stick around Lemeac.

      1. re: chantaleanne

        Sorry to hear about the crappy experience. It's true that this place is more about the scene and ambience than it is about the food. It represents the worst of Outremont: a place to see and be seen, to show off your flashy sports car and your skimpily-clad girlfriend or your muscle-bound boyfriend.

        Despite all that, however, the restaurant is lovely -- you can tell they put a lot of care and expense into the design. The terrace very lively, a great way to spend a summer evening. I have generally found the staff to be more than pleasant. Though it's true they can get harried, I've never been treated poorly there (and I have neither a flashy car nor big muscles!). Sorry to hear about the bad experience. Maybe a letter to the owner?

        As for the food, I've found it to be solid if you stick with the basics. Their pasta of the day is almost invariably good. Their burgers are very nice, though a bit overcooked for my taste. The fish and chips is really excellent. And the tartars (esp. salmon) are very fine. Stay away from the mac and cheese, which is insipid. The prices are a bit too high if you ask me, but then I guess you have to pay for the scene.

        1. re: Patelenberg

          Sure, but you have to be trying to screw up pasta, burgers, and fish & chips. That stuff is just pub grub.

          1. re: Shattered

            I suppose you're right. On the other hand, given what you say, I'm impressed with how hard so many restaurants apparently try -- and succeed!

    2. Was there about amonth ago or so and forgot to report on it so here goes from memory:
      It was a rare warm night so we sat on the busy lively terrace.
      Service was great - a young woman who was efficient and friendly.
      Friend had a burge which he said was delish.
      Other friend had steak frites and a heaping of veg including tasty asparagus - I snuck some meat and it was tasty, medium-well done as ordered, and not tough as at other places.
      I had the shepherd's pie with braised (beefcheek?) -homey with an upscale twist and yummy all the way.
      Steak friend had a verrrrrrry rich chocolate mousse but went down nicely with the milk she ordered.
      I had the pouding chomeur which was verrrrrrrrrrrry sweet but I couldn't stop eating it - eeeek
      All in all, a pleasant experience, but yes, it is a bit pricey.

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      1. re: chilipepper

        6 of us had brunch there on July 1st; it was excellent. The crowd was a mixed bag of young and older. The omelettes were enormous, which is unnecessary, imo.

      2. I had lunch there this week, and while the food was very good, I found it a bit over-priced. But then again, this is Outremont we're talking about and a place where one goes to be seen.
        My entrée was haricots verts & marinated mushrooms with shaved parmesan. Lovely and refreshing on a very hot day! The main was the (apparently famous) salmon tartare with caviar. I must admit it was really nice, very well balanced flavours. It came with a salad and fries. Fries are fries... but these were good fries.
        Dessert was a deliciously refreshing pear custard...-something (I don't remember what they called it).

        All in all, a truly great summer lunch, albeit a bit expensive (for my wallet).

        1. Had dinner there a couple of weeks ago, started with their non-alcoolic aloe mojito, pretty good.

          I then had the chorizo pogo, not bad, but chorizo a bit lacking punch, too close to a regular pogo.

          Finally i had the beef tartare, really good, spicyness level was perfect, fries on the side was good, portion a bit small though for an entrée.

          Pricewise, a bit on the expensive side.

          Overall good experience, i would go back if invited by people, or if they want to go there, but by myself i don't think so.