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The Parkside and any updates on Hamilton Tavern?

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I am attaching a link about The Parkside. According to the author, The Parkside will be open in the fall at the old site of the Cameo on Harford Road. It sounds really promising!!


While we are talking about Hamilton, has anyone heard any updates on the Hamilton tavern?

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  1. Thank heavens about the Cameo! No more 2:00 am thuggery and gun shots. I've no news on Hamilton Tavern, but the thrifty Golden Key across the street has closed. In the window is a sign about a "nifty fifties" diner opening up soon. Could be interesting. Fries and gravy just around the corner!

    1. So I was wondering if the Hamilton Tavern morphed into becoming The Parkside? According to the article both have ties to Brewer's Art so I just assumed that was the case. Can anyone confirm that there will be The Parkside AND Hamilton Tavern?

      And a diner!?! Boy, I second the gravy fries!! And Creamed Chipped Beef!

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        I'll miss the creamed chipped beef from the Golden Key.

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          Yes, they are two different restaurants. The Parkside is closer to Moravia and Hamilton Tavern is further north (the side street might be Evergreen).

          There was an article in the Baltimore Sun about one or two months ago and the owner of Hamilton Tavern mentioned that he was somehow involved with financing the old Cameo building (aka Parkside).

          1. http://www.theparksideonline.com/inde...

            There are 3 partners, one of whom is currently the brewer at the Brewers Art...

            1. Checked out the Hamilton Tavern last night - it was written up in the Sun earlier this week. It's a small space - cozy, warm ambience, friendly staff, not too many tables but plenty of bar seating. Apparently they'll be expanding beyond their bar-menu-type offerings to more of a dinner menu. It's a great addition to the neighborhood!

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                Agree with you there: it's definitely our new local. Had a couple of good brews, a delicious burger and a fun twist on the soft crab - in a tortilla with avocado. The homemade crisps/chips were a bit tough going, maybe need a tweak or perhaps the additional option of pub fries or something like that. Parking's also a bit ambiguous, but we're close enough to walk. Great, great new addition - well done. Hamilton may soon be on its way.

              2. One of the owners of Brewer's Art, is the owner of Hamilton Tavern. They will not have a website from my understanding, due to the fact they consider themselves a comunity bar. They will continue to do as much local and in season fare as possible.
                That whole area of harford road is going through some great growing right now.
                There is talk starting to go around that Hamilton is going to be the next Hampden, with Chameleon and Clementine right down the road, and all the other local business going through renovations, its a high possibility this is true.