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Jun 10, 2008 03:07 PM

WD-50: policy on tasting menu substitutions?

I'm supposed to go to WD 50 this weekend and want to get the tasting menu. Does anyone know what the deal is with substitutions? Will they allow me to sub out a couple of the things on the tasting menu? The person I'm going with has a coconut allergy and I tend to gag if I eat raw fish, and both of those are on the menu. Will it be okay if I just tell them when I get there instead of notifying ahead of time?

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  1. you're better off ordering a'la carte

    1. I've found WD 50 to be extremely accommodating when it comes to food allergies and preferences. In the past, they've made substitutions for my friends with wheat allergies, those who avoid pork, and those who avoid certain kinds of fish.

      As a general matter of etiquette and of general practicality, I think it's better to let them know about the aversion/allergy when you make your reservation, so the kitchen has more time to plan for a good substitution. You may get a better replacement dish that way.