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Jun 10, 2008 02:57 PM

Conference in Cincinnati, OH


I'm going to a conference at the Millennium Hotel and Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, Oh and it's for work. I'm looking for any recommendations for dinner or breakfast and to go lunches? Farmer's Markets fun things to do. I'll be working most days but definitely up for dinners and drinks and ideas for a nice dinner with work colleagues.

Thanks so much!

Andie East

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  1. If you have time for a walk (or can get a cab) and don't mind going through a less than savory part of town, Findlay Market is the open air farmer's market in Over-the-Rhine and is the oldest continually operated open air market in the US. In addition to food stalls, there are places where you can also get lunch. Just depending on how much time you have for lunch, getting to/from may be an issue since cabs are not really prolific in Cincinnati.

    In downtown, Jean-Ro is a good french bistro type place and Nada is a new Mexican restaurant that has gotten good reviews (aside from being a bit noisy). For really nice dinners Jean Pigall's (same owner as Jean-Ro) is high quality French - and another cab ride to Over the Rhine would take you to Nicolla's which is very high quality Italian. Some more casual places for lunch would be Ingredients and Fresh (both places have the same idea of salads/sandwiches). For a steak house, Jeff Ruby's is well liked - but I've never eaten there so I can't really comment.

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      Hi Cresy,

      Thanks so much for the suggestions! I'm going to look them up right now!


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        If you are going to Findlay Market, take a cab from your hotel. The area of Over the Rhine north of 10th St. is a high crime area and NOT a place that you want to be walking.

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          Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely be cabbing it. Though I am coming from Oakland so hopefully I'll be okay.

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            I've been going to Findlay Market for about 25 years now, and aside from the occasional panhandler, I have *never* had a problem. If you go on a Saturday morning when the market is busy -- the best time to go regardless -- you should be fine. That said, I would still take a cab. I just didn't want you or anybody else to think they were in imminent danger at the market.

            Also, don't forget it's easy to get into Northern Kentucky. In Covington just across the river, De Felice is a New Orleans-style restaurant with good food and a great house band. Across the street is Chez Nora, also with good food and a rooftop dining area.

            You will also find two Skyline Chili chili parlors and a Graeter's ice cream shop in downtown Cincinnati, two local institutions any chowhound shouldn't miss. And even if you don't eat there, you should check out the room at Orchids restaurant at the Hilton Netherland hotel. I haven't eaten there in years but I'm told the food is good.

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              Is Chalk in Covington? My parents went there recently and raved about it. I believe that's also apart of Pigal's restaurant group.

              I wasn't trying to be cheeky when I called Over the Rhine "less than savory" - but was more thinking if someone just walked along Central Parkway, it's not all that dangerous - it's just not a very nice walk. And given the weather and such, a cab would just be easier. But make sure you get the number of a cab company for going home because cabs are not readily available the second you leave downtown or Mount Adams.

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                Some of the Findlay Market purveyors are also at Fountain Square in the heart of downtown on Tuesdays.


    2. Great breakfast/brunch spot is First Watch which is across from the Aronoff Center. They are only open for breakfast and lunch and there will be a line. It's worth it. Walkable from hotel.

      Go across the Purple People Bridge (yes its purple and pedestrian only) and you will land at Newport on the Levee, a nice entertainment center area. Lots of casual restaurants. Mitchell's Seafood is great. Cafe Istanbul is very authentic. There's an irish pub, Italian, and Pacific Moon chinese. All good. Walkable from downtown

      Across the street from Newport on the levee is the Hofbrauhaus, the only one other than in Munich. Fun outdoor spot.

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        Ohmigosh, this is so wonderful! Thank you thank you for all the suggestions! I'm going to book something today!