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Jun 10, 2008 02:34 PM

Degustation 10-course menu?

Has anyone done the 10-course tasting at Degustation recently? What did you eat? What did you think? Is it too much food, or sized down even more from the regular small plates?

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  1. I'm generally the first one to protest that portions are too large. However, I have to say Degustation's 10 course menu is not too much food. Every course is about 1/2 the size of the five course tasting menu. You'll be fine. And you don't have to finish every course if you have a very small appetite.

    1. I didn't do the 10-course when we went, but the diners next to me did and it didn't look like too much food to me. I do think, however, that it might be a little bit of sensory overload. My bro and I chose 5 courses each (with one overlap), figuring that we'd get to taste 9 courses that way. The restaurant also comped us 2 courses each (again, one overlap), so we ended up tasting 12 different things. While it wasn't too much food, it WAS a lot of different flavors to dissect in the course of one evening. We managed, though! :)

      1. did the 5 course last friday night and it was plenty...couldn't imagine doing the 10 course...i agree with biondanomina about the sensory overload...unfortunately, didn't get any courses comped :o( but the meal was beyond fabulous. the service was excellent too...the woman who acts as the 'moderator' in the center is wonderful & truly a professional.

        1. I did the 10-course tasting last month (report here).

          I enjoyed it (and I was comfortably full afterwards, not overstuffed), but I found the dishes in the 10-course to be less representative of the restaurant's focus than those in the 5-course tasting. I don't know if this is a consistent pattern, but the 5-course tasting was mostly made up of "greatest hits" - predominantly Spanish-inflected dishes the restaurant's known for - while the 10 course had very little overlap with the 5-course, and had a lot of Asian influence that you don't find on the a la carte menu. If it's your first time at Degustation and you're eating alone. If you're with someone else, I'd order 5 courses per person as biondanonima did.

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            Yeah, we considered doing the 5 course tasting but since they ask that the whole party participate, we figured we'd be better off ordering our 5 courses ourselves (especially since neither of us is big on dessert and one of the 5 in the tasting menu is dessert), that way we'd get exactly what we wanted and get to try each others. I think it was the right decision - and incidentally, it didn't cost much more than the $50 for the tasting - I think it was more like $60 per person, something like that. I agree that the 10 course menu did have a different focus, with less of the signature dishes included. The courses they comped us were from the 10-course menu, and while they were awesome, they weren't necessarily my faves.

            Here's my review:

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              Are they still serving that scrambled duck egg dish with the 10 course?

            2. I had it last Friday night and was very disappointed. I've been to Degustation 5-6 times before and had the 5-course tasting once...and just ordered a la carte (typically ordering nearly the entire menu in the process). The flavors were very subdued and had a heavier-than-usual reliance on serrano ham (was the dominant flavor in 3 or 4 dishes). Maybe it was an off night, maybe it was because the chef wasn't in the restaurant? I'll definitely go back but I'm likely to order off the menu next time.

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                Three of us had the 5 course tasting last night with wine pairing. I agree that the reliance of serano ham was a bit much. I was a bit disappointed in the slow poached egg -- a bit boring. Last time I was there the chefs were more engaging of the clients. This time -- not so much. When they are 2 feet from you, it helps if they talk a little bit and maybe even crack a smile. But the food is great. How often do they change the menu? Next time I want to do the ten course.