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Jun 10, 2008 02:23 PM

Wine warehouse near Ossining

I have lived in Ossining for about a year and half.

I am looking for a really good wine shop. All the ones I have tried anywhere near there are really garbage. Industrial wines, poor selection, high prices.

To give you an idea of what I am looking for, I will reference two excellent places that are far away, Astor Wine in the Village, and Viscount Wines in Wappinger Falls. Astor is, of course, well known and very deserving of it's reputation, IMHO.

Viscount I throw in because I figure it's equivalent must be somewhere around in Westchester closer to home.

If you know of a small wine shop that is great, I am game, but I prefer big. OK, on this one, I think size matters.

Enjoy R

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  1. Have you tried Suburban in Yorktown? I think that's the best one close to Ossining--

    1. Can't think of a WAREHOUSE size place nearby. We enjoy the wine shop next to the Shoprite in Croton (near the train station) - knowledgeable proprietor, do some tastings from time to time, etc.

      I've heard that the wine shop in Yorktown Heights (near the KMart) is also good, but don't go that way often so haven't tried it. Will ask from friends up Putnam Valley way who drink more wine than I do...

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        Yes Suburban is the one near Kmart. They also do tastings, wine dinners, etc. It's much larger than the "typical" wine shop around here (I don't know exactly what a "warehouse" is)

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          The small shop next to Shoprite is Deprez Wines...he stocks a lot of interesting off the beaten track (mostly French) wines, and the employees are all pretty knowledgeable. Dodd's in Millwood also stocks some interesting wines at fair prices. Suburban in Yorktown is the largest of these, and has a pretty large stock (although not "warehouse" quantity).

        2. I have shopped at both Dodd's and Suburban, and must concede that Suburban is somewhat better stocked than Dodd's but neither approach Viscount for sheer scale.

          1. If you are willing to travel 25 minutes, Westchester Wine Warehouse on Tarrytown Road in White Plains is large with ok prices.

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              >>Westchester Wine Warehouse on Tarrytown Road

              That's the only one I can think of. They've remodelled nicely and their selection is good (no Zachy's of course), but amazingly their checkout is still from hunger. Or was last I was there.

            2. Absolutely worth the drive to Yorktown Heights for Suburban. They have a great selection, can order anything, do tremendous tastings on weekends including 2x a year grand tastings, all for free. And their staff reviewed wines (on shelves like 'best whites for under $10) are usually pretty good recs.

              We live closer to Zachy's and my husband shops the sales there. They have good deals, but for everyday wines - I vote Suburban all the way.