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Jun 10, 2008 02:22 PM

Wine shop in 95695 zip code?

I'm going to post this in the area-appropriate board as well, but I'm trying to help my cousin out who's getting married in CA in a couple of weeks. I've got to believe that there are some decent wine shops in that area, what with UC-Davis being right there and all-- can anyone tell me of a good independent wine retailer that has a pretty wide selection of both esoteric and mainstream stuff? Google has, surprisingly, been absolutely no help at all. Thanks to all...

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  1. You will be very near The Mother Lode -- one of the greatest grocery stores in all of North America, with one of the greatest wine selections anywhere: Corti Brothers in Sacramento, 14 miles away.

    Seek no further. Really. Corti Brothers is known far and wide, and its proprietor, Darrell Corti, is a bonafide genius with an encyclopedic knowledge of food and wine. Wonderful wine selection, reasonable prices, and the store itself is a gourmet experience.

    To learn a little more about Darrell Corti and his wine expertise, please read this Chowhound thread:

    Only in the past few years did Corti Brothers build a website, and to this day, the website doesn't show the extensive food or wine selections available at the store. So please don't be put off by the few wine selections listed at the website below. But all the contact info is there.


    1. In addition to Corti's, in the town of Davis itself are some options:

      Valley Wine Co
      The wiki description pretty much matches my experiences there.

      Also in Davis (and headquartered out of Woodland) are a couple of Nugget Markets.

      Finally, the Davis Food Coop

      All three fit your description of independents who have a pretty wide selection of both esoteric and mainstream.

      In addition to Corti's in Sacramento, I quite like Beyond Napa:
      The owner Rod Farley is definitely an independent character. Friends worked with Rod to select and purchase most of the wines for their wedding there a few years ago, and they were quite happy with the results. The shop is mainly focused on California wines, with a much smaller selection of other areas.

      Hope this helps!

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        I would DEFINITELY second (third? fourth?) the recommendation of Darrell Corti!

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          I live in Davis and would tend to say the 2 best options
          are Valley Wine and Nugget. The 2 brothers who own
          Valley Wine are very friendly and well pugged in with
          the Sierra Foothills vintner community. For example, they
          were the first in Davis to carry Cedarville, Holly's Hill,
          and Terre Rouge, among others. They have also a
          good selection of Oregon pinots. It is also easy to ask
          them to order specific wines-- they got me some Bandol last year.
          My general advice, however, is that if you live in Davis for an
          extended time, just jump in your car: you are within an hour
          drive of wineries in Amador, El Dorado, Carneros, and
          (southern) Napa. Most of the top wines of all these wineries
          never make it to a wine store, since typically they are sold
          entirely either at the winery or through wine clubs.

        2. thanks for the help, all! will forward on.

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            I forgot to mention that Davis has a winery called Rominger West
            on 2nd Street specializing in Rhone blends, which is popular.
            but it tends to make its wines a bit too intense for my taste.

            There is also an anthropology prof named Henry McHenry
            who moonlights as a pinot noir producer from land in
            the Santa Cruz Montains. He makes 2 pinots for about
            $22 and $27 respectively. They are on the light and fruity side.
            A real steal in my opinion. So if your cousin is into pinots
            he could make a strong impression without blowing his

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              Yeah, they are looking for wine for 120 people... that's gonna be way too expensive. I'll check it out next time I'm out, though... :)

          2. It occured to me that for moderately priced wine, your best choice may be
            Cost Plus World Market in University Mall. They have a great choice of
            Spanish, Italian, Australian, Argentinian and California wines
            in the $8-$15 price range.