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Jun 10, 2008 02:03 PM

STL - moving to St. Louis Hills- restaurants?

We'll be moving soon to St. Louis Hills off Hampton Avenue. Does anyone know of any decent restaurants around? We like American and ethnic fare. Thanks!

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  1. the pitted's on Hampton and it's awesome.

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      The Pitted Olive, interesting name. What does it serve?

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          The Pitted Olive will become one of your favorite neighborhood hangouts. The owners, Mike and Melissa, are gracious hosts. The food is first-rate. I wish I lived closer to it.

          Pitted Olive Deli Market & Catering
          5815 Hampton Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63109

    2. Onesto Pizza, which is way more than a pizza place.
      Trattoria Marcella, still a winner.
      Pueblo Solis, not the cliche Mexican.
      A second for TPO, of course.
      And Hampton, closer to Forest Park, is the western border of The Hill, the Italian neighborhood, with good shopping and lots of restaurants.

      1. While not a restaurant, you'll be in the area of Ted Drew's frozen custard, on Chippewa.. Some of the Bosnian restaurants are nearby too, on Gravois.

        Not too far is South Grand, home to a bunch of ethnic restaurants and to Jay's International grocery. Sekisui is a sushi bar on S. Grand that is very good, especially when Kenji is "on".

        1. That's a great area, 15-20 minutes from downtown, soulard, south grand, webster groves, the hill, the grove, clayton, etc.

          You don't specify if you are looking for everyday type restaurants or special occasion. Here are my "anyday" suggestions....

          I agree with the Pitted Olive suggestion. Murdoch Perk is a little coffee shop at Murdoch and Macklind. (Head east on Chippewa and make a right on Macklind.)
          My friend lives in the neighborhood and visits there often.

          I like the sandwiches from Southwest Market (Columbia near Kingshighway.)

          We recently had breakfast at the City Diner on S. Grand and really enjoyed it.

          Don't forget to go to Soulard Market- go early...there's lots of nice produce and fun goodies to be found there.

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            All of you have given me great advice, thanks! Can't wait to move.

          2. The original comment has been removed