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STL - moving to St. Louis Hills- restaurants?

We'll be moving soon to St. Louis Hills off Hampton Avenue. Does anyone know of any decent restaurants around? We like American and ethnic fare. Thanks!

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  1. the pitted olive...it's on Hampton and it's awesome.

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      The Pitted Olive, interesting name. What does it serve?

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          The Pitted Olive will become one of your favorite neighborhood hangouts. The owners, Mike and Melissa, are gracious hosts. The food is first-rate. I wish I lived closer to it.

          Pitted Olive Deli Market & Catering
          5815 Hampton Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63109

    2. Onesto Pizza, which is way more than a pizza place.
      Trattoria Marcella, still a winner.
      Pueblo Solis, not the cliche Mexican.
      A second for TPO, of course.
      And Hampton, closer to Forest Park, is the western border of The Hill, the Italian neighborhood, with good shopping and lots of restaurants.

      1. While not a restaurant, you'll be in the area of Ted Drew's frozen custard, on Chippewa.. Some of the Bosnian restaurants are nearby too, on Gravois.

        Not too far is South Grand, home to a bunch of ethnic restaurants and to Jay's International grocery. Sekisui is a sushi bar on S. Grand that is very good, especially when Kenji is "on".

        1. That's a great area, 15-20 minutes from downtown, soulard, south grand, webster groves, the hill, the grove, clayton, etc.

          You don't specify if you are looking for everyday type restaurants or special occasion. Here are my "anyday" suggestions....

          I agree with the Pitted Olive suggestion. Murdoch Perk is a little coffee shop at Murdoch and Macklind. (Head east on Chippewa and make a right on Macklind.)
          My friend lives in the neighborhood and visits there often.

          I like the sandwiches from Southwest Market (Columbia near Kingshighway.)

          We recently had breakfast at the City Diner on S. Grand and really enjoyed it.

          Don't forget to go to Soulard Market- go early...there's lots of nice produce and fun goodies to be found there.

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            All of you have given me great advice, thanks! Can't wait to move.

          2. Is Onesto still open? Have heard negative reports......

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              Your kidding right? Your not K D, as in Katie from Katies Pizza are you? I have heard nothing but glowing reports about Onesto. I wish I could only get there.
              If you do happen to be Katie, I hear nothing but negatives about your place...


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                We loved Onesto. They have a GREAT Caesar salad...probably the best I've had in town!

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                    I've hear good things about Onesto. I've been meaning to try it.

                    However, Katie's pizza is pretty good. I love their take on t-ravs and the pizza, though more expensive then some, has been awesome. They've had service issues but always addressed them and offered to comp our drinks. So, there's your first positive.

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                      No, I wasn't kidding. I just heard from Joe Bonwich that indeed Onesto was closed .. but only for a week's worth of "vacation and repair," whatever that means. And no, I am not Katie. That's not even my name. And I don't live anywhere near you, so do not sweat it. Not to mention I don't work in food or food service.

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                        I wouldn't sweat FOTD's snarkiness...he gets it from hanging out at the St. Louis Post Discrap forums.

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                          Since there is no emoticon, I'll say, "whatever".

                          I got attacked for pointing to negative reviews of a place because they were not "Professional Reviewers".
                          So KD says she has heard "negative things". To throw that out there and not back it up at all to me is not right at all. I challenge KD to provide true negative feedback about Onesto.
                          I have not been there and have no vested interest but when you say something that is totally against the grain of what everyone else is saying, you should provide something more than "I have heard..."

                          My .02 worth

                  2. Right in the neighborhood is a nice old family Italian restaurant that does a good job: del Pietro's on Hampton, just south of Eichelbarger. there also used to be a decent southwest/mex place(Pueblo Solis) on Hampton about a block North of Eichelbarger. As mentioned above, you're not far from the Hill or the South Grand area that has a number of excellent ethnic resto's from the mentioned Sekesui to Pho Grand,and Mekong for good Vietnamese, to The King and I for Thai and a good Ethiopian place which I forget the name of and a middle eastern kebab place across the street from Pho Grand. Ted drewes is not to be missed for dessert, on Chippewa, and there are several good Bosnian places on Hampton up nearere the park. Miris Dunja was my fav, but haven't been there in a couple of years also as mentioned above the City Diner on Hampton just S. of the park for Slingers(hash browns with chili and fried eggs and cheese on top. they're great at 2 am

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                      The Ethiopian place is Meskerem. The kebab place (that also serves delicious entrees) is Cafe Natasha. And the diner on Hampton is Courtesy. City Diner is on SoGrand, and is rather hit or miss. Everything else is delicious, though I prefer Four Seasons to Pho Grand (but Bahn Mi So is even better if you head a bit further south).

                      (I may spend a bit too much time on SoGrand than is good for me.)

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                        Haven't spent as much time up there lately since my son moved out of the city. We'll have to try Bahn Mi So next time we're there. I always confused the names between city and courtesy. Courtesy's definitely better and that's where the slingers are really good.

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                          Bahn Mi So is good....but make sure you allow enough time...average meal there takes about an hour! Service is uber slow as it's just one guy and his wife. I vote Mai Le for my fav. Vietnamese in U City and Four Seasons on South Grand. Pho Grand is good but they were better before the moved into the new building so many years back. The best pho is Mai Le...they use oxtail soup as opposed to chicken stock. I do like Mekong's spring rolls though. Living in the desert will allow me the opportunity to hone my Vietnamese cooking skills.

                          Basil Spice is a new Thai spot on S. Grand...located in the old S. Grand Coffee Co space. They are by far my favorite Thai....beats King and I by a mile IMO. Fresh, brilliant flavors.....great curries and tom yum soup.

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                          FOUR SEASONS! My favorite!!!!!! I'm dying for a number 134....they don't have good Vietnamese food here. You have to go to Chandler or Mesa....Scottsdale has a lot of malls.....with PF Changs...oh the misery.

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                          Pueblo Solis is still there and going strong as is Del Pietro's. There is another italian restaurant down more towards Chippewa on Hampton that I can't remember the name of, but is good. There is also Tumo's, which is more of a family type of place - I see lots of people sitting outside every evening.

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                            Tumo's is a great spot for St. Louis Italian cooking. Decent food and a good price. Service has always been great. My father, grandmother and I got out of there the other day for under $30. Albeit, granny and I split a pasta dish but it was more than enough for both of us.

                        4. As I was driving along Hampton today I also noticed Gian-Carlo's and also St. Louis Pizza and Wings, which doesn't sound like anything great, but I know people that will only eat their pizza and their wings, to the exclusion of anything else local or national