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Jun 10, 2008 01:56 PM

kohlrabi? anyone?

So, I have just stumbled across kohlrabi on the internet today and am ecstatic to have discovered a new (to me!) veggie. Two questions: one, does anyone have any good recipes they'd like to share, and two: does the JFX market sell it? Thanks!!!

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  1. Don't buy them big, peel them, cut them into small chunks and cook them like a potato.

    1. Chewfun is correct. I've made them basically as a side dish, but I'm sure more adventurous types have folded them into some other pairing. JFX, or any other farmer's market, will definately have them once they are in season, which is early or mid-summer. They are easy to grow. Their taste is kinda halfway between turnip and broccoli, and perhaps not a taste for everyone. Those with German an
      cestry will likely remember their grandmothers preparing or at least talking about them.

      1. I used to eat them as a child. Peeled, raw and with salt. Tastes probably like a raw turnip, buts thats what we did. Never ate one cooked. Yeah, they do have that broccoli-y taste to them too.

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          I grew kohlrabi a few years ago and was underwhelmed. They were quite slow growing, and I thought they basically had the taste and texture of broccoli stems when cooked. Broccoli stems are fine. I eat them, but I like the floret part more. IMO, broccoli is easier and faster to grow than kohlrabi and you get florets, not just stem. I suppose one advantage to kohlrabi is that the harvest may be over a more extended period of time than broccoli around here.

          1. re: potrzebie

            There's a Hungarian version that's really good. Grate kohlrabi, cook in pot in water, some salt, and dill stems; when cooked and softened, make a roux with flour and butter, add roux to thicken, finish with chopped dill.

        2. You can use them similarly to the way you'd use raw fennel - hey are wonderful raw, sliced thin, and dressed w/ a little olive oil and lemon. Also, my mom used to sliced them into finger-length sticks and put them in our lunch with ranch dressing to dip. I still love it that way.