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Jun 10, 2008 01:54 PM

Gin: Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray and Beefeater?

I would appreciate it if someone could give me recommendations*, contrasts and comparisons (e.g. tasting notes) regarding Bombay Sapphire (which I have tried and enjoyed), Tanqueray and Beefeater.

*Which do you recommend:

in general / all around

in a martini

in a Gin and Tonic

(and yes I have seen the articles in various newspapers like the NY times etc... I'd like to hear what "real people" recommend after all its a matter of every one has to decide for themselves)


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  1. Beefeater's is a good low price gin that does fine in a GnT.
    Tanq is a middle of the road London gin that is also quite serviceable for all purposes. a slightly higher juniper quotient.
    Bomb sapphire has more other botanicals especially in the nose.
    Personally, I like Plymouth as my favorite all-around gin, but also like Hendricks(strong component of cucumber in the nose) Magellan(french gin with different multi-botanical flavors, and Junipero, american, made by Anchor, with, as its name would suggest, a strong bracing juniper flavor, which works well in martinis to my taste.

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    1. re: chazzerking

      Thanks for the feedback. Out of the three: listed in the topic which would you choose and why?

      1. re: Faune

        I probably would go with the Bombay, for the botanicals, especially for maritinis, but it's a close call between it and the Tanq. But you need to comparison test for yourself as zin suggests and decide which you like best.

        1. re: Faune

          Why are you limiting it to those three? I also have a strong preference for Plymouth.

      2. Bombay Sapphire hands down..the infused herbal aromatics are what makes this fab gin and I always have a big bottle in the freezer and I only serve it as a gin and tonic with the good juicy Mexican Limes with lots of crushed ice..
        I think its the juniper berries that make it so bloody good!
        Dang, makes me want to make one at this hour..

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        1. re: Beach Chick

          I had this in a martini on valentines day and was very surprised. I like gin martinis (More of a vodka martini person) but this was the best one I'd ever had. It tasted so much like juniper berry. No "Alcoholy) taste. A hint of vermooth and some olive in there. It was just perfect.
          I wasted no time in adding a bottle to my liquor cabinet.


          1. re: Beach Chick

            I have to quibble with your practice of keeping gin in the freezer. Vodka;fine, Gin; nay,nay. Freezing kills the botanical scents that make gin taste like gin. I'm all for cold, cold martinis, but not made with frozen gin.

          2. Out of the 3 that you acknowledge, I like Tanqueray the best. It is a good, true gin and I think it makes a great G&T. If I am allowed to choose from outside of your realm, Martin Miller's Gin is my hands down favorite. MMG makes for a great G&T (try with Fever-Tree tonic water), but even better is MMG chilled up with a twist. Yum!

            1. Faune,

              May I make a suggestion? Go to a bar with some friends and order G&Ts -- one each with Beefeater, Tanqueray, Bombay Saphire, and whatever else you want to try. (Or you can pick up 50ml bottles of each and try it at home). Then, try it again -- probably another night -- with each in a Martini, etc., etc., etc.

              My guess is that you will prefer one brand for a G&T, but a different brand in a Martini, and so on.

              That's the only way to really know what YOU prefer -- taste them side-by-side.

              Having said all that, I generally prefer Plymouth or Boodle's, but if I'm in a bar with only the "basics," then it's usually Tanqueray if I'm ordering a G&T; Bombay or Bombay Saphire if I'm ordering a Martini.

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              1. re: zin1953

                started out as a Tanqueray drinker, switched to Bombay but like Boodle's although would still vote for Bombay and there is some in the freezer at all times. am thinking I like your idea of a tasting.

                1. re: zin1953

                  Very good suggestions for beginners. I like Bombay sapphire on the rocks with 4 olives on the side. I used to have three, but my granddaughter said, " Why only three?" So I now I have four. Tanguery is almost as tasty so I hate to mix it also, except for a very dry martini. What you sometimes get at the bar for a martini is bathtub gin with a lot of cheap vermouth, unless you are at a swanky place where you are also paying for the overhead.

                  Since I am an old lady on social security I am happy with a Moderate priced gin for every day use. Gin and unsweetened tonic with lime is lovely for the summer. My son-in-law gave me an atomizer for Christmas. It works well for vermouth in a very dry martini!

                  In Arizona, "When the mountains get pink, it's time for a drink!" I'm no longer one of the three marinis for lunch bunch. It's really not good for anyone. Moderation is so important! So "Cheers!"

                2. I'm a Boodle's gal but I think zin's suggestions are spot on.