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Best stimmés/steamies?

Did a search on this board but did not come up with a definitive thread. So, presently (no resting on past laurels), who makes the best steamed dog in town. For that matter who makes the best toasties and michigans?

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  1. Normand Patate on Verdun Avenue in Verdun get my vote. They use Schnieder weiners which to me are the best you can get at a cassecroute.

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      I love Orange Julep hot dogs, and fries and of course the Julep. My favourites used to be from Pic Nic when they made Shopsie's - man were those good dogs. I also grew up one street away from Mr. Hot Dog, and they weren't bad either - but that could just be a sweet childhood connotation.

      1. Victoire on Beaver Hill near Square Vic metro. On the East (right) side as you are walking up the hill. Not opened on weekends. Not even sure if they are opened in the evenings. Make sure to get some fries with that.
        PS: There is usually a 30-person line up.

        1. There will likely be as many answers as there are hot doggeries. OJ on Decarie is definitely right up there, as are all the others mentioned so far. I'd also add the one on St. Laurent next to Baggio Cycles up near Mozart. I forget the name.

          Of course the best ever were...sigh...at the old Forum.

          1. Chien Chaud Victoire on Beaver Hall Hill gets my vote too, it's just below la Gauchetiere.

            1. Best steamies, that’s a good question, Victoire on Beaver Hall makes some really good ones, but i’m also a big fan of Belle Province since i like the cabbage they put in their hotdogs is more like coleslaw. And of course, big beef dogs at Costco.

              As for Michigan, my vote goes to Lafleurs, i don’t like to have my hotdog drenched in sauce, i like it when i can still eat it with my hands, more like a chili dog. M:Brgr makes a good one too, but definitly not in the same category.

              1. I heard of a place called Paul Patates(http://www.montrealmirror.com/2007/05...) where they make great hotdogs, but I haven't tried it yet; found about it when I was looking old Emile Bertrand. Emile had the best hotdogs I ever had, big 100% meat weiners, good fries and what I think was paprika to put on the dog. Unfortunately, it is now closed. I know Paul Patates now carries old Emile's spruce beer (damn I miss those), anyone knows if their dogs are as good?

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                  Wow, I remember Emile Bertrand's place, my grandfather use to take me there on our outings. The spruce beer was so great, can't find it anywhere.

                  My fav dog is New System on Notre Dame, always fresh, large weiner and lots of slaw.

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                    The guy who made it at Emile Bertrand, Barry Fleischer, now makes it at Paul Patates.

                    and if you are interested in more nostalgia over Emile Bertrand, watch this:

                2. Just curious what people think of the accuracy of information conveyed here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montreal...

                  My quibble is that I don't recall sauerkraut being a topping that was more popular than cole slaw. I love yellow mustard and sauerkraut on a sausage in a bun but it just doesn't seem to me to be a pervasive Montreal thing. Correct me if I'm wrong and I'll go get checked for Alzheimer's.

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                    you are right, i don't recall having sauerkraut in my hotdog in any belle province or any other place of that kind, it's definitely coleslaw that is the staple here in montreal

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                      Well that's the beauty of a Wiki, someone could go in and fix that entry right now. Best to have a source to quote, tho. Anyone know a Montreal hot dog expert? ;-)

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                        Am I mistaken, or don't steamé and toasté refer to the bun, not the dog? And sauerkraut is a NY/Chicago thing, but definitely not a Montreal thing (unfortunately, because I much prefer it to cabbage on my dog...)

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                          You are not mistaken. That wikipedia entry needs some cleaning up.

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                            Chez Ma Tante on Fleury in Ville St Michel has great steamies!