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Jun 10, 2008 01:39 PM

Dining in Helsinki on a Sunday night?

Hi everyone,

I will be visiting Helsinki for a few days at the end of June/beginning of July and have read quite a few tips here on good places to eat.

However, it seems like many places are closed on Sundays. I will arrive in Helsinki on a Sunday afternoon would like some suggestions on what might be open and good for dinner. I am planning on staying at the Hotelli Seurahuone in the city center and have heard that their restaurant (as well as room service) is closed on Sunday as well.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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  1. We are eating at Havis on a Sunday in July. Have been disappointed by the large number of restaurants closed for vacation in July.

    1. Hello,

      I was just in Helsinki last week on a Sunday and I tried a great restaurant called 'Kuu'. The cuisine is what they call "modern Finnish", but the decor was very quaint and traditional. The service was very friendly and the food was excellent! I had the Smoked Salmon Soup as a starter, the filet of Reindeer w/ Port Wine Sauce and Mashed Sweet Potatoes for my entree, and for dessert- a Vanilla Pannacotta w/ Raspberries. Delightful from start to finish (pardon the pun!) plus they had some very nice wines by the glass to pair with your meal. Enjoy!

      Here's the address:
      Töölönkatu 27, 00260 Helsinki
      Tel +358 9 2709 0973 Fax +358 9 490 177
      Open: Mon-Fri 11-0:30, Sat 13-0:30, Sun 13-22
      It's close to the center of town, near the Opera. Take the #3 or #4 tram.

      1. Yes, unfortunately most of the good Helsinki restaurants are closed in July. As is most of Finland. Give them some slack… after all, they do have to suffer trough that unbearably long and cold and dark winter every year. So everyone wants to be at their summer homes in July, enjoying every single ray of sun and warmth… and the sea and the lakes at their warmest.
        Trust me, I know what it is like, I lived there.

        Below, a link to a private, non-commercial Helsinki web site, run by a friend of mine; maybe it can offer some help. There are lots of photos, 3 pages of restaurant info, including links to other restaurant sites, including lists of restaurants.
        Most restaurants in Helsinki have an e-mail address, so it is easy to get in contact with them to ask them if they are open in July of not.

        I happened to notice that for the first time since I remember, restaurant Chez Dominique, that has had 2 Michelin stars years in a row, is open in July.
        - Of course they are, since I am not going to be in Helsinki for the summer :-(

        The links on the siten have been recently checked and upgraded, so if there is some trouble with them, check back later. (We have noticed that it takes a long time sometimes for AOL, for example, to display upgraded non-commercial sites.


        Good luck and have fun in Helsinki.

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        1. re: FoodWine

          Wouldn't the Restaurant in Seuasaari, the Folk Museum, or Walhalla at Suominlinna Fortress be open and a very scenic experience? The cafe at Hvitraask? The train station for low down and funky?

          1. re: Passadumkeg

            Yes, I would guess those are open, since they are summer destinations anyway. There are several nice restaurants on Suomenlinna Fortress Island, including the casual Cafe Chapman that has a really nice outdoor patio in the back. That one is my favorite one there.

            ... and, ha ha, yes, the "funky" railway station restaurant, for sure is open. Actually, they have made some changes, renovations, etc, so last time we had a bite at the train station restaurant, it was not so bad...

            and, of course there are many other restaurants open in July, the trend has just been that the "fancier" ones close for July...