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Jun 10, 2008 01:28 PM

Spice Cafe at 5 West Condos (Cgy)?

I had a nice bowl of Malaysian chicken curry w/ rice at the Spice Cafe on 11th Ave SW (across from Cookbook Co et al, next to Broken City) - I know some folks probably find it uninteresting but it was just what the doctor ordered, with perfect melting potatoes, a really comforting dish. On the door of this location (which is only open M-F and only until 5) are listed other locations (eg the one in Kensington is 7 days and later hours). One listing is on 5th Ave downtown and it's the 900 block so it must be the one in 5 West (the huge, twin condo towers at 5th Ave and 9 St), and it says "fine dining." I ask what that means and the gal behind the counter says "you have to make a reservation." I clarify, "is it a Malaysian menu?" and she says she thing so. I ask if I can get roti canai and again she thinks so.

I'll try to remember to head that way sometime, but does anybody have any info? This place (the whole chain) is run by the fellow who once ran Malay Wok, a superb place in the space that is now Han's, and the very first place I ate after moving to Calgary. I don't recall roti canai on the menu but do recall superb laksa and similarly superb beef curry. At any rate it would be nice to have most Malaysian options in Calgary!

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  1. Funny you should mention it today, tomorrow night I am going to a wine and food event there. The Spice Cafe in 5West specializes in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine, the chef was previously at the Hilton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur and has cooked for some very impressive people. Apparently the food is very traditional served on banana leaves. I'll report back after tomorrow. And if you are interested the Saturday the 21st event still has room. Check the link for details:

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      OOOOOOHHHHHH I hope this isn't disappointing- I would kill for some chicken rice in Calgary since I saw it (and God) at Prima Taste in Vancouver.

      And I think I understand, now, what the gal meant about "having to make a reservation."

    2. well, we can write this one off. The lunch menu is the same as at other locations and dinner is ONLY for private parties of 12 or more, otherwise it's closed. Owner extolled his chicken rice to me and then says there is no way to actually purchase or consume it unless I can scare up at least a dozen people.