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Jun 10, 2008 01:17 PM

Need NH/Lambertville restaurant for my 7-year old "foodie-in-training" nephew

We are the crazy Aunt and Uncle foodies from Los Angeles coming to Newtown for a visit. Our 7-year old nephew has been demonstrating a healthy interest in trying new foods. He has already pronounced his love for things like Manchego cheese, Pork roast, and seaweed. Sadly, his parents are quite the non-foodies (dad is a vegetarian and mom doesn't cook) and we feel it is our obligation as a good aunt and uncle to show this kid the wonderful world of upscale foodie-happiness. We have certain logistical constraints that require us to stay very local, and the meal will have to be lunch, not dinner. Suggestions? Places with small-plate options would be ideal. His food interest is high but his attention span is quite limited so leisurely-dining kinds of places won't work. Targeting the New Hope/Lambertville area so we can walk around and spoil him with ice cream and toys after lunch.

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  1. Honey in Doylestown would be a nice food experience for him and for you. Or take him to ooka for sushi in Doylestown. There is nothing to exciting in L-ville or New Hope.

    1. I concur with mombaker247. Honey is a wonderful experience. Ooka is excellent as well. At this point, I can't think of an exciting restaurant in NH or L-ville.

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        I appreciate the recommendation. I am curious why you guys think these two places would be so special for the child? I know nothing about them. Thanks!

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          Honey provides smaller portions and very unique ingredients. Since you were looking for a new food experience for your nephew, Honey offers that. It is not leisurely if you do not want it to be. We go there quite often and share many of their dishes. Plus, since Aunt and Uncle need to enjoy the experience as well, it just seems like a great choice!

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            I've since looked it up and it looks perfect, thanks so much!

            1. re: wasabica

              Have a great time. Also, Doylestown is a great walking town.