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Jun 10, 2008 01:17 PM

Diehard Foodie question...

You went to the doctor, he said you have 24 hours to live. You go to the bank and withdraw your last $35 from your savings account.

What restaraunt would you have your last meal at? What would you order?*

*You tell the waiter your problem and he offers to pay for your wine and don't worry about the tip.

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  1. we've done this one before. sort of.

    I dunno, I'd probably get as many pancakes and slices ofapple pies as I can. I can enver figure out which pancake palce to go to, probably John O gGroats again, but maybe I'd try one of everything at the griddle, or Dinah's

    Since I'm going to be dead, anyhow, I'd want to gorge on all the baked goods, fats and carbs I don't let myself eat regularly now.

    Perhaps I'd blow it all at Donut Man. Order everything.

    Or a Brazillian BBQ feat at Picania

    Or I'd lock myself in LEda's bake shop and go nuts.

    OR I'd go to town at Roscoe's Pann's or Dinahs (never been to any)

    Or I'd lose myself at Fosselman's-as many shakes as I could hold, one every 3 hours or so till I die.

    Or maybe FO in santa monica. can I get a father's office burger whilst waiting before my time runs out? Would they give a dying woman ketchup? (maybe if I went through the "Maka a wish" foundation. My dying wish would be fore ketchup on a FO buger. Could Sang deny a DYING WONAN her last wish?-yes-probably)

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    1. re: Diana

      I was kinda looking for only one...*the* one place. A list of 'em is too easy.!

      1. re: Diana

        "OR I'd go to town at Roscoe's Pann's or Dinahs (never been to any)." That line made this post so much more real. I do not want to think of how sad it would be for a foodie to have never gotton around to eating at Roscoe's Pann's or Dinahs. Like a life never lived. All three have some good eat'n but IMO, Life begines and ends at Pann's. Start with maybe 6 wings and some waffles or maybe the whole fried chicken dinner and a waffle on the side. Wash it down with a shake. Oh, I almost forgot. Add on a slice of apple pie. Diana, stop making me sad, "never been to any" Pann's, Just do it! Drive safe.

        1. re: Diana

          You'd have trouble going nuts at Leda's with $35. even before they raised the price on their delicious one bite cupcakes.

          1. re: CinnamonKitten

            well, for me, even one is sorta going nuts. But geez, even for 3 (and I think they cost less than that) bucks, 10 little cupcakes is more than enough for anyone.
            Also, she sells well priced cookies and other treats.

        2. dinah's baked apple pancake
          after that, i'd still have money left for a latte at peets and ice cream from delicieuse

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Foodies will ask for one establishment. True Hounds know better and realize that this rask requires contributions from multiple eateries. (Heck, I've done this even without a terminal diagnosis looming over me)

              But on a budget of $35? Dying hard, indeed...

              Breakfast: Grand Marnier Crepes at Crepes Dusigne, coffee from LA Mill

              Lunch: In-N-Out animal style, McDonald's fries, Fosselman's green tea ice cream shake from Buster's Coffeehouse

              Dinner: Xiao Long Bao at Mei Long Village

              Then go to Bar Marmont, where you cash in your free alcohol coupon, and buy the farm in front of a swarm of paparazzi

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              1. re: J.L.

                "Foodies will ask for one establishment. True Hounds know better and realize that this rask requires contributions from multiple eateries."

                A good distinction!

                1. re: J.L.

                  I, too, would spread the $35 over a few places in a final, progressive meal.I'd start with a pastrami sandwich from Busy Bee Market in San Pedro ($6), McD's fries ($2), a spicy yellowtail salad from California Roll Factory in West LA ($12), a blue crab hand roll from echigo ($6), spit 1/2 a french dip sandwich at Houston's ($14/2=$7) with a friend (i'd want to see a few before i kick the bucket anyway), a korean/japanese melon popsicle ($1), and lychee jelly cups from a chinese supermarket ($1).

                  But if you really forced me to spend it all in one place....It'd be a tough choice between Hide, Houston's, and Echigo (and leaving slightly hungry).

                    1. re: USCott

                      Houston's (and Bandera's) prime rib dip is at about $18 these days (if it hasn't gone up again).

                  1. Rae's in Santa Monica. I'd have a full breakfast. Eggs over easy, white buttered toast, extra large orange juice, then pancakes--buttered, syrup, and an extra large milk. (I love DuPars's pancakes, but you said one restaurant.) I'd be back for lunch. Hamburger, raw onion, KETCHUP and a Coke. I'm back for dinner; I'll have a dinner salad, steak, more KETCHUP, baked potato, and a Coke. For dessert, I'd have a couple of pieces of the chocolate cake the guy in the unmarked truck delivers from some bakery, whereabouts unknown. My digestive system would be so busy, my body wouldn't have time to die.

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                    1. re: Kate is always hungry

                      I would want a philly cheese steak... proly from phillys best. I wanna die with philly cheese steak breath.

                      donate the change to the freeway-change begger guy down the street.

                      1. re: WheresTheGrub

                        Phillys best is not the best way to go. Markie D's in culver city, unfortunately, closed and Markie left town. A close second can be found at Big mikes on MainSt. in El Segundo about four blocks north of Imperial. They stuff them with a little to much meat but the texture, flavor and roll is pretty darn close to Philly, somewhere in between Roxborough and South Philly. If you are a hogie fan they do a great job on them as well. You can also get Butterscotch Krimpetts and Herrs chips.