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Lykn Chicken

Just finished a BBQ chicken panini sandwich at Lykn’ Chicken at 7460 Airport Rd. Great sandwich, there is so much BBQ chicken on the sandwich that it kept falling out. Great BBQ sauce, the owner makes his own sauce. The chicken was moist and a little Smokey, with cheese, lettuce, and some ranch dressing, great sandwich! This place is bold selling Panini sandwiches right next door to Quiznos Sub, but do any of these sub places have real chicken or that mechanically deboned mush (at least the chicken looks that way to me). The sandwich was less than $8.00, considering that it’s like a ¼-chicken on a bun, I thought this was a very tasty deal.
I’ve eaten food from here before, best pulled pork sandwich I ever had it comes with coleslaw on the sandwich, good BBQ chicken and I’ve also ordered on a few occasions a whole BBQ turkey, that’s right, a whole BBQ turkey. The whole turkey is amazing! Not dry turkey, but moist and Smokey. Considering what sliced turkey from a deli cost, this turkey makes amazing sandwiches, not to mention a nice part of a turkey dinner. The bones make an interesting stock, just a hint of smoke flavour. They also do prime rib, sucking pick and whole duck, which I’ve never tried.
They have your typical side salads, garden salad, potato salad etc... But this little place makes that best coleslaw imho. They also have hamburgers, wings, and fried chicken. Now the fried chicken is very good, not greasy and salty like KFC (though I’ve not eaten KFC since the early 80’s, maybe things have changed?). You have your choice of spicy or regular. Both or good, the spicy has a little heat and when drizzled with honey, makes for good eats.
They also have ribs, but I’m not a fan of the cut of ribs they use, which for the life of me I can’t remember. They are very meaty and also there is a nice smoke ring of the meat. But when it comes to BBQ ribs I prefer Spare ribs. In the oven I like back ribs.
Now when I think of fish & chips I thing back to the old days when I started working delivering fish and chips after school on my bike when I was 12, and an order of cod and chips cost $1.35 plus ten cents for delivery. This was deep fried in beef tallow, great colour, get texture, and flavour. So when I had the Tilapia with chips (not fresh cut potatoes or beef tallow), I was very impressed! Deep fried and breaded with Panko it was just great! Also, not little package of mayo and green things, they make there own tarter sauce, which is very nice. The fries are not fresh cut, but they are very crispy and are proper fries. I think with some practice they could do very good frites or at least fresh cut fries.
The place is small, two small tables and also a counter, with a few picnic tables outside. The only thing missing is a pint of beer or a nice Gewürz, or both!
So I’m a little surprised that very little is mentioned

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  1. I've also heard of this place, but could never find a single person talking about it.

    I think another fellow on here one time made a short mention of it but didn't really go into any details.

    Great write up, a little hard to read without any new paragraphs though ;)

    This is much closer to me than the new Deli that opened up, maybe I'll go here tonight instead.

    I will report back with my findings.


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      Lykn chicken rocks :)

      I just came back from here..

      I walked in, and was greeted by what I assume is the owner.. he asked me "what I'm havin" and I laughed and said, "well... I've never been here, so you tell me"

      He told me they do 3 kinds of chicken, and all are great (jerk, smoked, and fried) so I told him alright, give me a quarter chicken breast smoked, got itwith a side of fries and some of the best cole slaw I've ever had around here.. I told him I also heard he had a good pulled pork sandwich so to whip me up one of those also..

      Food arrived, and I inquired about his other offerings, he gladly told me all about his smoker in the back and how he prefers cherry wood and apple woods because it wont impart any harsh flavors into the chicken. He was right -- the chicken was great and had a very visible dry rub to it. Told me how he does massive turkeys (must be pre-ordered of course) for roughly $7 a pound, and I told him that sounded absolutely great and that I'd most likely give one of those a shot next time I'm having a big gathering

      Anyways, long story short, great tip on this place. Enjoyed both the pulled pork and the chicken, and will definitely be going back.. Not too far from me either, compared to some of the crazy places I drive to ;)

      I almost get the feeling that this guy doesn't see nearly the amount of business that he should, mainly because you can barely tell he's even got a store since he has only a corner of a building and is shared with a much bigger Quiznos.. So chow hounders, make the visit next time your on Airport Rd.


        1. re: duckdown

          Hmmm sounds like it's time for a drive.

      1. Wow..i drive by this place all the time and have never thought about checking it out! I plan to do so this week!
        Thanks for the tip-I'm often in Malton area and haven't been impressed with anything there yet..

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          just tried the smoked chicken- excellent. very moist and good bbq flavour.
          tilapia was also good although it was a bit soggy by the time i got it home ( a 25 min drive)
          rice was ok...a little salty

          the chicken was the star attraction for me

          1. re: Bumpkin

            I had the same experience..I tried the smoked and bbq chicken and loved it. The only side they had available was rice (?), and it was a huge serving! I got take out and had leftover rice for days! It was pretty salty, but good.
            I don't think I try out the seafood options and stick with some chicken when in the area..

        2. Sorry , aftert thinking about it though, I do have one issue with the place -- (minor)

          And that is that simply he's trying to do TOO much

          When you see the place from the outside, he advertises authentic roti. When you arrive inside, he has 500 different random offerings from things like "paninis" to "whole roasted prime ribs, turkeys, and chickens" then when you get to the menu, he has everything from "pulled pork", to "smoked chicken", to "black pudding". So he's making a vital mistake (in my opinion) by simply offering TOO MUCH. He should focus on what he does best and creating a very limited menu rather than a vast one, simply because I think uniqueness and quality is much more important than variety

          We will see

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            That's a great point DD. I remember on Feasting on Asphalt Alton mentioned that he was at a hot dog stand. What do the make?? Hot dogs!! No gumbo, no roti, no this or that. It was true to it's self.

            If you've never had smoked turkey you're in for a treat. I do a turkey for all the major holidays. It's nice and smokey and you won't believe the juice that is still in it. I sometimes brine it first. It's even better but it's a bit of a pain since I don't really have a place to store it so I often don't bother. The difference is excellent and really excellent.
            I make stock out of the bones which I usually put together with leftover meat and make turkey and dumplin's.


            1. re: Davwud

              Sounds delicious

              I have enjoyed smoked turkey only once before, that was on a sandwich at sweet smoke. I've never had the pleasure of carving up an entire smoked bird, I can imagine how nice and juicy it must be though!

              I'm looking forward to the next time I have to host alot of people at my house for some event, I'll make sure I check it out

              Those dumplings sound great by the way! :)

              Cheers :)

              1. re: duckdown

                Not sure what you mean by "Those dumpings" so I'll clarify what I'm talking about.
                In the south, chicken and dumpings is a favourite. It's like a chicken stew with dumplings (Or a reasonable faxcimile there of) are cooked. So I make it with turkey, often smoked turkey. It's phenominal.
                I use regular biscuit dough for dumplings.


              2. re: Davwud

                One should once a year, Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving or another special occasion order a whole smoked turkey. It is truly wonderful, flavourful and all you said. I will always stay away from reglular cooked turkey period!

                1. re: Jar

                  I get Christmas, New Years, Easter and two Thanksgivings worth of them. Plus I also do about one a year just because.....


            2. I've been meaning to go back here again, this just reminded me

              I love the smoked chicken too.

              1. FYI - here's the website

                Lykn Chicken
                7460 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON L4T2H5, CA

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                1. re: JamieK

                  Finally tried it. Got a pulled pork sammo.

                  Pretty darn good.

                  Wasn't crazy about the bun (kinda bready and not too complimentary to the pork), but the pork was pleasantly smoky. Coleslaw on top the sandwich was nice, simple and tasty and tangy and fresh. Sauces were fairly decent, but I wouldn't want too much of it on the sandwich. And for $4.95 that’s a damn fair price for something made from scratch.

                  Overall a good sandwich. I've enjoyed better certainly but it's hard to find smoked pulled pork in Toronto and this would certainly do. Owners are SOOOOOOOO nice and proud. Love it. Look fwd to going back and trying the ribs. The place smelled great.

                  1. re: magic

                    Right you are, I presume a lot of places cook a pork roast in the oven, shred it, mix with sauce and call it pulled pork. Nothing like a true hardwood-smoked pork. This, by the way, can be found at Buster Rhino's in Whitby, along with homemade potato salad, etc. and Amazing fries!

                2. The Little Chicken that could.

                  As a rule I check out the Canadian and American news papers daily. Of course I also look at the food column as a rule. With all the bad economic news these days it is nice to see something good. Well it seems that someone from the National Post has taken a liken to Lykn Chicken here’s the review http://www.nationalpost.com/story.htm...

                  I was there a few weeks back and had great tasty ribs. I should head back and write a review for Chow Hound.

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                  1. re: Pastryrocks

                    Simply excellent.

                    Lykn Chicken (In my opinion) has always been one of those places in the GTA that has gone under the radar.

                    Very happy to see them get some recognition finally -- especially since the owner has seemed SO enthusiastic about his food any time you ask him about it.

                    I admit I am guilty of not going there as often as I should, so I'll make it my job in the next few days to definitely take another visit. Especially love the homemade coleslaw.

                    Never tried the ribs, but the pulled pork with homemade BBQ sauce is dynamite, as is the smoked chicken.

                    Owner has offered to show me his smoking setup every time it's come up in the conversation; something places like Phil's BBQ fails to accomodate.

                    1. re: duckdown

                      The wife and I have been taken into the backyard to see Phil's smoker several times. It's in the alley round back.

                  2. oh man. sounds go good. definitely on my list for this week.