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Jun 10, 2008 01:08 PM

Dinner Recommendations in downtown Palo Alto that won't break the bank?

Having dinner tomorrow evening with a friend in downtown Palo Alto. We are not picky on type of food (we are both foodies) but he is treating and I don't want to suggest anywhere expensive. I haven't been to that area in ages and would love any suggestions. Vero? Zibibbo? Nola? Thanks.

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  1. Nola is not for foodies, but for drinks and the palo alto 'scene.' Zibibbo is a pretty solid choice, although it might be a little boring. I haven't been to Vero, but just had dinner at La Strada and recommend it (the grilled sardines and the gnocchi are good choices). Mantra is a good choice for a fusion take on indian (Junnoon is similar, but I haven't been), and I'm sure people here would recommend Tamarine, but I was underwhelmed by my lunch there and haven't been back.

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      I second Junnoon. I also went to Tamarine (fusion Vietnamese) a few weeks ago and really liked it. For inexpensive and fresh (homemade) pasta check out Osteria. Evvia (Greek fusion) is also very good but more expensive.

    2. Lavanda does a good job and has nice atmo.

      1. I think that Vero is one of the best deliciousness values for money of the more relaxed restaurants in downtown Palo Alto (i.e. not a self-service place like Hyderabad House). And the food keeps getting better with each visit. I believe most of the other places recommended are more expensive.


        1. Thanks for the feedback. We ended up going to Nola's because that was where he wanted to go. I would have to say I wasn't that impressed but it was ok. If it were my dime, I wouldn't go back. We left right after dinner and went to Vino Locale which had great wines but very bad service. It was Wednesday for goodness sakes.