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Jun 10, 2008 01:02 PM

RI chicken dinner halls?

i remember eating in these places as a kid, skillet chicken, fresh cinnamon rolls. do they still exist and where?

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  1. Yes, Ma Glockner's in Bellingham, MA. They're the only one I know of that does cinn rolls (or maybe Wright's does....? I can't recall now). They have a full menu now and last time I went (a year or two ago?) the rolls were a disappointment....big gloppy undercooked balls of dough. maybe someone else has had a better experience? It's cheap enough though, I'd say it's worth giving it a shot, especially to revive childhood memory.

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      eh? what's a chicken dinner hall? 'splain please

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        A mostly northern RI thing.....huge restaurants that serve what we call "family style chicken"......melty/fall off the bone roasted herbed chicken (or in the case of Ma Glockner's, pressed half chicken, very crispy)....sides come in bowls to share.....pasta w/red sauce, oven-roasted potatoes, french fries (we RI'ers like our starches) and it's all you can eat.

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          There used to be a chicken hall in Seekonk/Somerset/Swansea area back in the 80's, don't recall the name. All you can eat roasted chicken (family style) Spaghetti, iceburg lettuce salad, french fries, etc. Greasy but good, at least to my undeveloped palate in my teen years.

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        Wright's dosen't but the fries make up for it.
        Suney's in Worcester does it on Saturday. I've heard of some doing it on Sunday but can't recall now.

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          In my experience, everything at Wrights was delish EXCEPT for the chicken.....although falling off the bone, I found it to be very dry.....

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            8 of 10 chicken pieces are moist. I've found dry chicken early in the day. Day befores?

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              I've been to Wrights Chicken Farm three times. Once was on a late Saturday afternoon and two other times were for dinner (once on a Sunday and another during the week). Each and every time, I found the chicken to be some of the driest chicken I ever had. It looked and smelled delish. And I had heard so much about the place. And the first two times I was thinking maybe it's me. But after the third time, I said forget it. I did enjoy the salad (bought as couple bottles of the dressing), the pasta and the french fries. Maybe I will try it again as my mother loves it there and lives relatively close by (closer than me).

      3. There are several in the Woonsocket area that still do this type of dinner. Wright's being the busiest of all of them but we find the Village Haven in North Smithfield to be one of the best. Then there is always Savini's in Woonsocket, Coachman's Lodge in Bellingham, MA, and we think the Bocci Club in Woonsocket is also still doing the dinners. Village Haven does have cinnamon rollls as does Ma Glockner's (but Ma Glockner's isn't all you can eat family style).