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Jun 10, 2008 12:48 PM

Brunswick Breakfasts and "Musts"

This L.A. chowhound is spending three weeks in Brunswick and Portland (for work)...I have visited before but not for this extended length of time. I am on my own for breakfast and dinner nearly every day(Mrs. TravelPath can't travel with me this trip)...I would appreciate any great recs for breakfast (my favorite meal) and any other "musts" for dinner and snacks! I am willing to drive some distance for excellence...I am from SoCal after all!!

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  1. I would highly recommend the Dolphin Chowderhouse in S. Harpswell, a 20 minute lovely drive down the peninsula. Here is my previous post on the Brunswick area:


    1. Hey!

      I just wrote a post on Brunswick, ME actually. But here are some recommendations:
      111 Maine. Unfortunately it's only lunch and that might not work as well for you. But it's DELICIOUS! Great coffee.

      If you're looking for a good local dinner, good place to hang out by yourself, check out the Frontier Cafe. It's in Fort Andross. Very relaxed atmosphere, organic food, good sandwiches, salads and plates.

      I really like El Camino, which is a small mexican restaurant on Cushing street. Serves light organic food, good mexican restaurant (maine standards), but seeing that you're from SoCal, that might not be the best idea..

      Check out Henry and Marty's for dinner, right on Maine street, more upscale, but it's been there for years and a favourite among the locals.

      Also, on any given nice day, you'll see some trucks parked by the town green on Maine street...couple of hot dog trucks and the greek truck on weekends. The gyro at Xeno's the greek place is a definite must.

      Big top Deli on maine street serves new york style sandwiches, popular among the college kids, they also have breakfast sandwiches.

      There's also Renaissance (listed in the link that science chick posted) and serves breakfast, although I've never been, people say it's good.

      You should drive out to Bailey Island and check out Cook's Lobster house. I've never eaten there, I think the food is good, but the view is worth it.

      Also, for snacks (or dinner), go to Fat Boy drive in for a cheap lobster roll or their famed whoper burger or a frapp, yum. Great now I'm craving fat boy. Morse's lobster shack (right down the road from fat boy), is also another drive in type eatery.

      For dinner, the great impasta (maine street) serves pretty good italian, they have really yummy garlic knots.

      For a good beer, go to Seadogs, they serve pub food, but have a lot of maine brews on tap.

      1. I read an LA post not long ago about the dearth of diners in LA. The Maine Diner is low down funky and a different experience. About an hour north The Rockland Cafe has our favorite real Yankee breakfast on the coast of Maine: fish cakes and beans. Moody's Diner in Waldeoboro is a Maine institution as is Becky's in Portland. The dining facilities at Bowdoin College are excellent.

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          OH! I totally forgot about Moody's. They're famous here, it's on the drive up to Wiscasset, if you don't mind (then you can stop by Red's in Wiscasset to get a lobster roll!)

          I forgot to mention that there's also the Brunswick diner in town on pleasant street, near the laundromat, but I've never been for breakfast, only for burgers and frapps.

          One more thing - Bowdoin does have great dining facilities, but unfortunately closed for breakfast and dinners during the summer. Only lunch.

        2. I suspect some time in the archives here would bring up plenty of information for Portland and vicinity. Specifically in Brunswick, however, make sure you get to Sweet Leaves Teahouse on Pleasant St., which, despite its name, has a lovely menu for both lunch and dinner, all nicely prepared and significantly from locally sourced ingredients, including Hahn's End (Phippsburg) cheeses. Thoughtful and moderately priced wine list as well.

          1. Fat Boy's drive-in in Brunswick has the BEST lobster roll I have ever had (and I'm from Maine and went to Bowdoin, so I know a thing or two about Brunswick food), and really delicious frappes and onion rings too. I would absolutely consider Fat Boy's a Brunswick "must". I would also recommend Fore Street and Cinque Terre in Portland, European Bakery in Falmouth (between Brunswick and Portland) for pastries, and will second the recommendations for Big Top Deli (particularly The Goose and The Ringmaster sandwiches). Henry & Marty's hours are pretty weird, so definitely double-check that they're open before making plans to eat there - it's worth it! For a bottle of wine and some good cheese and pate for a beach picnic, you should also stop by Provisions on Maine St.

            Fore Street
            288 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101

            Cinque Terre
            36 Wharf Street, Portland, ME 04101

            Fat Boy Drive In
            111 Bath Rd, Brunswick, ME

            European Bakery
            395 Us Route 1, Falmouth, ME

            Big Top Delicatessen
            70 Maine St, Brunswick, ME 04011

            148 Maine St, Brunswick, ME

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            1. re: apronista

              The view from Cook's is amazing, but the food isn't anything special. Definately hit up the Dolphin.

              If you go to the Frontier Cafe at Ft. Andross, make sure you take a few minutes to stop into Simply Divine Brownies. They are kind of hidden up on an upper floor. Not easy to find, but worth the extra effort. My favorite is the "Need'him"

              1. re: delong99

                I was not impressed with the brownies at Simply Divine, but that is only my opinion. I also thought the price was way way overboard and a ripoff.
                European Bakery has good product, especially their coffee cake.
                I need to check out Fat Boy Drive In as I heard very good remarks.

                1. re: delong99

                  simply divine has recently moved to senter place, 124 maine st

                  1. re: delong99

                    Simply divine is famous for their clientele (they did oscars party favors and such) and do a lot of company party favors too, so they get quite fancy, thus the price. Ya know, the bigger the name is, the higher the price.

                    However, a trick is to order early and get their bag of ends (I actually don't remember what it's called, but it's basically the leftover brownies that didn't fit the size) and it costs about $5 the last time I was there. You might have to call and order ahead as this is obviously limited.

                  2. re: apronista

                    Apronista: I just returned from visiting Fat Boy Drive in and had their lobster roll which was the worst lobster roll I have ever had... Yes it was only $6.00, but would rather pay $15 and a real Lobster Roll instead of a JOKE.....
                    It consisted of 2-3 oz of lobster, 2-ounces of mayo and a little pc of lettuce.
                    Wow, was I surprised... I did not expect the same as Reds, but I did expect a lobster roll and not a joke, and you wrote that its the Best you ever had......I cannot believe that its the best you ever had, or you have been hiding behind a Maine bush way too long...........

                      1. re: irwin

                        Yeah definitely agree with you. You go to fat boys for a CHEAP lobster roll, not a good one. It's good for its price, but...if you want good lobster rolls, go somewhere else. But DO go to fat boys adn get a frapp et whopper burger.

                        1. re: irwin

                          Gosh! I'm really sorry you didn't like it. I honestly remember them being jam-packed with loads of lobster and perfectly seasoned (barely at all) and with a crisp buttery roll. Sincerely sorry for the disappointment. I haven't been there for a quite a while and from now on I will refrain from recommending things I haven't sampled recently.

                          1. re: irwin

                            Try the Maine Diner. They advertise their roll as the best in Maine as reported by some famous news personality, whose name I forget (gettin' older), but it is around 16 bucks. For that reason I have not tried it.

                            1. re: Passadumkeg

                              isn't cudneys close by and better for lobster rolls and steamed lobster?