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Jun 10, 2008 12:38 PM

Scooper Bowl 2008

Have you been to it and what were your favorite flavors?

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  1. Just went today with some co-workers at 2:00. One of my co-workers made it through 15 scoops! I barely managed 8 myself and have the nausea to prove it!

    Flavors I liked:
    Breyers (had some of the best ice cream texture over all) -cookies and cream.
    Cold Stone -(great swirl-ins! nice crunch) Shock a cone
    Edy's (creamy, refreshing, strong mint flavor without overpowering) Mint Chocolate Chip
    Haagen Dazs (wonderful base of rich, smooth vanilla ice cream with strong honey accent. Very rich but very good) Vanilla Honey Bee
    Hood (nice mix ins, good ice cream base, solid contender)Bear Creek Caramel
    Gifford's (creamy, nice natural blueberry flavor and pieces) Blueberry

    Flavors I disliked:
    Dorit-Gelati - Mango Gelato - nasty aftertaste and too much mango flavor - threw it out after 2 bites
    Brighams - Mad Fish Mud - grainy, icy texture took away from the flavor and fillings.
    Edy's Birthday Cake- Way Too Sweet and tasted of crisco, another thrown out after 1 bite.
    Gifford - Lobster Tracks - The chocolate tasted like the stuff you use to do chocolate dips for soft serve, not a bad thing per say, but not my taste.

    1. I do love the scooperbowl. I didnt go this year though...pregnant and the thought of being out in this heat, well, ugghhhhhhh!

      Hope you all had fun.

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        It goes for two more days, plus they're open until 8 tomorrow, so it should be much cooler.

        My favorite was the Xtreme Razberry at Brigham's - stupid name, but soooo tasty. Raspberry ice cream with fudge swirl and mini-raspberry cups (like peanut butter cups, only raspberry).