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Jun 10, 2008 12:31 PM

Need info on Bankok joe's dumplings

Has anyone been here lately? i LOVE dumplings and have been thinking of trying this place but wanted some first hand reviews first. Does it have water views? Are the drinks good? Specific rec's to order? thanks!

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  1. Views of Harbor: check
    Pretty People: check
    Expensive Fruity Drinks: check
    Massively overpriced, crappy food: check

    Have a drink, look at the pretty people, and then go somewhere (anywhere) else for food. I went once, dumplings were 3 times the price of suburban outlets, yet the dumplings at Cheesecake Factory are better.

    1. I don't think Bangkok Joe's has direct water views - it's close, but from the restaurant itself? Don't think so. I think the food can be quite good - especially the specials. There is a dumpling bar, seating maybe 6 or 8 people, where I'm sure things are made to order. I agree, it's not cheap. But I have not found it to be "crappy."

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        I have been there several times and no there are no water views. I think the dumplings are pretty great, especially any with seafood. If you sit at the bar and its slow you can usually interact with the guy making the dumplings which is sort of fun. Also take recommendations from the staff - I once did and got some great stuff not on the menu. I have also tried the dishes and found several of the noodle dishes to be pretty good. Only thing I agree with in the original post is the proponderance of pretty people! The ginger martini is AWESOME

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          hm...thanks. Some mixed opinions! i may have to go try for myself and judge. i do love dumplings so it's probably worth trying!
          the view isn't such a big deal anyway.

      2. We ended up there for Valentines Day (3 of, not a menage). It was packed but they managed to fit us in. They had a phenomel special V-day menu, but we were going for appetizers (mostly dumplings) and a regular Thai meal. It was not exactly 'authentic" on everything, but i found the stuff tasty and interesting. They had a special lobster wrap on the menu......four sushi size pieces of lobster, a little onion, a little (very little) rice, some spices, all wrapped up in a piece of lettuce. $12 for the plate, but it was heavenly. The chicken dumplings were good and the spring rolls(3) were very light and tasty. Pad Thai with shrimp was good, but the outstanding thing was the Siamese pork slices with pickled vegetables. Plent of meat, lots of rice, and the veggies were superb. Couldn't finish all the rice in the bottom.

        I don't know about the drinks being overpriced. An admittedly small vodka fizzy (served in a chapagne flute) and a generous Chardonnay was only $12.10. The fizzy I think was 8.95, so the wine was very reasonable. The service was quick and attentive and the food came out fast (almost too fast). I'd go back.

        1. I was there for the first time about a month ago on a Saturday night and thought the dumplings were superb. I had the lobster and pinenuts and mushroom with ginger. Both were phenomenal. Also had the duck spring roll which was also excellent. I was a bit disappointed in my entree which was salmon with lo mein. Salmon itself was delicious but the lo mein was extremely bland (and I'm Cantonese too!). In hindsight I would have just ordered from the dumpling menu for my whole meal. I had a Cosmo and it was pricey but ok tasting. I switched to wine afterwards.

          I have read some bad reviews and I can only guess that on Saturday night, the dumplings are made fresh; perhaps on slow nights, they are leftover? Just speculation.