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Jun 10, 2008 11:48 AM

Gaslight, Hoboken - Bridal Shower

Help, I live in Massachusetts but am trying to plan a bridal shower for a friend in NJ. Gaslight has a great deal but they do not have recent pictures. Has anyone been there, particulary in the "Skylight Room" and could let me know how it is?

Other places I'm thinking of are Quays, 3FortyGrill and Trinity.


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  1. Hey
    Not sure what your budget is or how many people are invited but Amanda's does a great job (can be $$$ though). Upstairs at the Brass Rail is a private room that is pretty big (may actually be too big if you have less than 50 - 60 people). Quays and Trinity do not have private rooms but I imagine they would rope off an area if you were to do it at an off time. I know Trinity does a big weekend brunch biz so not sure if they would even do anything for you. Hope this helps

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      Thanks for the info - both Amanda's & Brass Rail were beyond our price range (there are 2 of us in the bridal party). Good to know about Trinity - they said they would reserve a space in the main dining room but if its packed, that may not be the way to go.

    2. Not sure if you made a final plan yet but I frequently visit Hoboken and just went to 340 grill and the food was very good. The atmosphere has both a lounge/bar like area, restaurant seating area, and outdoor dining patio. I have been to Gaslight but I heard they have gone down hill and aren't as good over the past year or so. From what I remember it was fairly dark in there too, not sure it would be a great setting for a bridal party. I have only had drinks at Trinity but I also heard their brunch is fairly nice. I recently planned a bachelorette party at Teak in Hoboken - it wasn't worth the high price for bottle service, etc.

      1. Gaslight has a great skylight room. If you walk through the bar area, then the first dining room (this room has less light), you'll get to the area you're talking about. It feels like a courtyard that's enclosed with a glass ceiling. Very cute and good for a bridal shower. It's a good size and enclosed so you'll feel like you can have a private party.