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Jun 10, 2008 11:46 AM

crunchy chocolate chip cookie...

i appear to be in the minority, but i love crunchy cookies, not soft ones...i'm always bummed out when i go to a bakery and buy a cookie and discover it's soft. anyone with a similar preference who can give me a heads up on good crunchy cookies to be had (especially chocolate chip)....?

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  1. We should start a crunchy-cookie-lovers-club. Soft cookies simply taste undone to me. I say throw them back in the oven.

    Bouley Bakery on W. Broadway makes nice crunchy cookies (crunchy on the outside, with a little bit of give in the middle). I'm a big fan of their oatmeal-currant and peanut butter cookies. Bonsignour in the West Village (on Jane St) makes a yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookie that's crunchy. The texture is not like a traditional oatmeal cookie (they use more oat flour than rolled-oats). Riding the fence, Two Little Red Hens makes a delicious walnut chocolate chip cookie that is more crispy than crunchy. Of all the chocolate chip cookies I've tried, they have the nicest caramelized flavor. It's the type where the cookie dough spreads and browns crisply, rather than rises and gets puffy from excess baking soda and powder. On occasion, the restaurant "good" on Greenwich St in the West Village makes a truly outstanding peanut cookie that uses salted Spanish-style peanuts (w/ the skin on) and what tastes like peanut-brittle in the cookie. Every part of the cookie is inspiring--the cookie base, the peanuts, the touch of salt...the crunch. It's a shame they don't offer it as regularly anymore now that they stopped their takeout lunch counter.

    1. I like the big, crunchy, chocolate chip cookie at Le Pain Cotidien.

      1. Tate's makes them in this style. Not from Manhattan, but I've seen their cookies at stores around town. Quite good.

        Tate's Bake Shop
        43 North Sea Rd, Southampton, NY 11968

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          OMG, I love Tates. I can eat a whole package in one day a work by myself. I've seen them in some of the nicer deli's and also some independent natural food stores.

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            Yeah, scary - I could do the same. They're really thin, I tell myself. What's the harm?

        2. I'm totally with you. I have this debate with my boyfriend often.

          I remember liking the chocolate chip at Milk and Cookies but it was a little while ago so hopefully I'm not off base.

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            Milk & Cookies cookies aren't particularly crunchy.