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Going to NYC, Lugers

I didn't see any prices on their menu, but how much should I plan to bring per person if everyone wants everything? Is $100 per going to be too little or much? There will be 3 or 4 people.

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  1. I can't answer you, sorry. But I'd suggest you post your question on Outer Boroughs and you'd probably get more replies there.

    1. $100.00 is about right with one drink per person and ordering all the favorites. Maybe bring a bit more cash in case. The limit is how much you'll actually be able to eat. No non-Hungarian can eat "everything".

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        I am now quite curious about Hungarian eating habits.

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          I went with three other diners and the total was about $400 with tax and tip. This includes 2 appetizers, 3 sides, porterhouse for 4, 6 total beers and 2 desserts. $100 a person should be fine.

        2. You can get away with $100 for sure, just remember to calculate tax and tip in there, but at a place like Lugers, you gotta go big or go home. $125 is a better idea.

          1. I think you will do yourself a diservice if you do not get German fried potatoes, sauteed onions, and mousse cake. Bring $150 and leave a good tip. Why? Because you are going to go this far, why not go all the way?

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              NYJ, my sentiments exactly. If you're coming all the way to NYC and making a trip to Luger's, be sure to take enough to cover everything, including perhaps a cab ride.

              If you bring $150 - $200 a head and you don't spend it, well, then, you'll have it the next day to spend.

            2. I went with a party of 3 and we spent $270. Keep in mind they don't accept credit cards. Also, I was not impressed with the food or service. I feel the place is extremely overrated. I went to Embers in Bay Ridge a few weeks later and had a much better steak at 1/3 of the price. Will not be going back to Peter Luger's. Been there. Done that.

              1. I have been to Luger's (no exaggeration) probably over 500 times in my life (my parents took me all the time when I was a kid). I know they have off nights and off months even. I would strongly suggest not judging them on 1 less than stellar meal. They can really surprise you. I tell my wife this all the time (she has had several so-so meals there and doesn't want to go back).

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                  Luger's really excites passions on this board, pro and con.

                  Although I have not been to Luger's anywhere near 500 times, my wife and I have been patrons several times a year for more than 25 years, and we carry their credit card. In all that time I can recall only one sub par steak (too much gristle and not enough of that great beef), and I'm still sorry I didn't speak up then. But other than that, Luger's steaks have continually defined what steak should be to me.

                  We used to go to Embers until a few years ago (gave up our car, and one result was no more casual trips to Bay Ridge), and we always enjoyed it too. But in my estimation, Embers is maybe 75% of the quality of PL at a much friendlier price. But Luger's it ain't.

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                    I have actually seen the staff bring a new steak when a complaint was made and the 'defect' was pointed out. My father had a gristled fatty piece of meat in 1978 (or thereabouts) and let them know in no uncertain terms. I remember the response: professional, timely, and polite. I have always known them to be like that there.

                2. Isn't the porterhouse for 2 $80? You can economize a bit by getting Porthouse and a different cut instead of 2 porterhouse. I think $150-$200/person (inc tips for waiter and parking ) if you are getting the works with drinks. There is an ATM next to the restaurant.