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Jun 10, 2008 11:19 AM

To beat a dead horse -

My brother-in-law is graduating from High School in Tabernacle on Friday, and dinner is planned for afterwards.
I have a motley crew of people attending...myself and husband (love fine food and grubs pubs all the same), my in-laws who are no frills (love Prospector's and Tarantella's), and my grandparents-in-laws (OLD SCHOOL ITALIAN AND VERY HARD TO PLEASE), plus my brother-in-law who can be...well...demanding. It is his day after all.

Where on EARTH can we eat that isn't too expensive, isn't Tarantella's, and is in the Medford/Mount Laurel/Marlton area?

I've heard good things about Tim's on Main...

HELP ME! I did search of all of the old postings, but Beau Rivage isn't *quite* the atmosphere for this, and they really don't go for anything delicious like Thai, Japanese, French...etc. I hope you can get what I mean.

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    1. Teds on Main is very good, and I can suggest it without hesitation. However, at this late date, I'm not sure you will be able to get such a large group into the restaurant. It's fairly small inside. Good luck with your plans. My parents are pains in the neck as well, and everyone else has to give up what they want to find a restaurant that serves the very few things they like to eat. I feel for you!

      1. You might consider the Red Lion Inn near the rt.70/206 circle. It's certainly "old school Italian", the kind of place you might have walked into 50 years ago (I actually think it's been run by the same family since before the Depression). Homemade pasta, bracciole, etc. I remember a pretty good antipasto last time I was there, too. It's not fine dining, nor expensive. It's not Tarantella, either. Another (that almost IS Tarantella) is Tavola dei Amici in Cherry Hill. Either of those will have room for your party, I'm sure.

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          Thanks everyone - I really appreciate your help. I am emailing my mother-in-law these suggestions.