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Jun 10, 2008 11:07 AM

I'd like your favorite sandwich recipe and your least favorite food ingredient.

I love sandwiches. Don't know why but I do. I have favorites, that I'll list. Not necessarily in order though, then you list yours and why.

Grilled cheese, regular sliced American cheese on white sandwich bread=comforting.
BLAT, bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato with mayo, salt+pepper, on Jewish deli rye=delicious.
Roasted turkey [from the real bird sliced] on sourdough with mayo on one slice butter on the other slice, salt+pepper, swiss cheese=very tasty.
PBBS, peanut butter and dark brown sugar on wheatiest whole grain bread available=horseback riding memories.
Breaded pounded thin chicken breast, fried, with slices of cranberry sauce, swiss cheese slices, crisp lettuce, home made 1000 Island dressing on croissant=wonderful creation.
PBLGS, peanut butter and Lyle's Golden syrup on home made white sandwich bread, sliced very thin=childhood.
Ingredients I don't like [or] think are trendy today [but who knows why] that I won't or don't use or think are awful. I don't know what all the hype is about. You list yours.

Fennel, what's the big deal about this stuff? Love licorice/anise/basil, but fennel, I don't get. I don't want to get and I don't see what all the hoopla's over.
Escargot, it's snails for crying out loud. Why would anyone knowingly put that in their mouth. Plus they rob me of my vegetables in my garden and I detest the little buggers.
Celery salt, I love celery but think it's very overpowering even in little amounts. Don't know why people would put it in a recipe when you can just drop a stalk in then pull it out when the stew or chicken broth or whatever is finished. The flavor imparted the bite, isn't. So why add celery salt to anything, I don't get it.

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  1. I liked your sandwich suggestions, although I have never had PB w/BS and I have never had Lyles Golden syrup

    My turkey fave is in a similar vein ~~ whole wheat or pumpernickel toast, spread w/cream cheese, sliced turkey, cranberry sauce, avocado and crisp bacon slices, and iceberg lettuce

    I also love slicedRoast beef, sliced rare ~~ blue cheese mixed with cream cheese spread on whole wheat bread. Or home made blue cheese dressing w/blue cheese, sour cream and mayonnaise.

    As for ingredients I really don't like ~~ I have a list, but at the very top always always always is Miracle Whip. I get skeevies just thinking about it. Biting into that awful sweetness just makes me cringe at the very thought.

    the "list"
    margarine, Miracle Whip, anything pickled (except, strangely enough, pickles), lamb, ginger, mint, marshmallow, cool whip, Pepsi, curry, liver (except chicken livers), crawfish, grits, black eyed peas, corn bread, corn dogs, oysters, mussels, old bay seasoning, cilantro, okra, individually wrapped (i.e. fake), cheese “food” or cheese “slices”,, pre-grated cheese, pork rinds, kidney beans, black licorice, canned peas.

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    1. re: laliz

      my mom used to eat peanut butter and brown sugar sandwiches growing up in minnesota, must have been a thing there. the lyle's came compliments of my little girl friends' family of english transplantation and it was first ever presented to me via her grammy's bread and skippy. I have it in my cupboard now still to this day, not the same one though. ;). funny, black licorice is my favorite and canned peas are a close second. our youngest son used to ask for canned peas only for dinner please mom and can it be two cans....

      1. re: laliz

        Lyles Golden Syrup reminds me of my childhood. My dad would give it to us over vanilla ice cream because it reminded him of his chiidhood....

        1. re: laliz

          i share a lot of your list - ginger, mint, cilantro, don't eat meat so those are on a different list, oysters, mussels. in addition, salmon, avocado, papaya, mango, black beans, corn, peas, banana, and red peppers (these repeat on me for hours).

          i've never liked sandwiches, and can't eat them anymore on good bread, but i used to love taking a slice of french baguette, topping with grated mozzarella and parmesan, then toasting and topping with marinara sauce or sundried tomato puree and a few dobs of ricotta cheese and basil.

        2. Bacon and avocado on toasted white bread with Hellman's mayo and iceberg lettuce.


          1. Leftover Thanksgiving turkey, salted, with Hellman's mayo on white.

            Tuna with chopped celery. onion, and Hellman's.

            Thick sliced homegrown tomatoes, salt & Hellman's.

            Peanut butter and pickles. Don't knock it till you've tried it.

            Omg, i see the theme.

            I love lots of other sandwiches, especially BLTs w or w/o avocado, but these simple sandwiches are the ones no other will ever beat in my book.

            Least favorite ingredient...can't think of one right now.

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            1. re: fern

              Peanut butter and bananas..but grilled!

              Egg Salad light mayo with bacon and tomato

              tuna mixed with lime and cilantro with avocado!

              As far as ingredients, of course every thing's better with bacon..except you waistline, so my second favorite is roasted red pepper, it wakes up almost any sandwich

              1. re: fern

                wait a minute, are you me? :))That's to fern, and for sd, least favorite ingredient...

                1. re: iL Divo

                  Well, if the only thing that would make the PB&P or tuna sandwich better is a bowl of tomato soup to dunk them in, then yes, we may be the same person. Separated at birth, at least.

                2. re: fern

                  I have always hated PB &J-now I'm engaged to someone who (before he met me!) used to live on it...

                3. Fav sandwiches:
                  cream cheese with either grape or apple jelly
                  baked ham and chicken salad...and that's not ham salad but actual ham slices
                  lobster salad

                  Least fav ingredients:
                  canned veggies
                  blue cheese
                  store bought frosting/whipped cream
                  tobasco sauce/buffalo sauce

                  1. Favorites and why:

                    - Peanut butter (extra crunchy), caramelized banana slices, toasted almond slivers, and a light drizzle of honey on whole wheat bread. Some of my favorite foods all in one sandwich.

                    - Spanish tortilla (potato-egg omelet) in a crusty French roll, with tomato slices if I'm feeling ambitious. Nostalgic comfort food.

                    - Lemon-zested tuna salad with baby greens and tomatoes marinated in balsamic and basil, on grilled sourdough bread. Okay, so I've stolen this combination from a restaurant I used to work at, but it is a winner...

                    - Any leftover meat (some favorites: chicken piccata, chili, meatloaf) with whichever greens look the least fresh in the fridge, preferably on ciabatta -- but since it's a leftover creation, usually it ends up being whatever bread is hanging around.

                    Ingredients I will leave out, scrape off, or substitute:

                    - Mayonnaise (a little is okay in deli-type salads, or blended as aioli/etc.) and its low-fat/fat-free derivatives; butter, margarine
                    - The kind of deli meat that's been so processed it looks a tad plastic -- egh.
                    - Sweet condiments, like jams, jellies, dried fruit
                    - Bacon. I love the smell, but never got into it. I eat a slice every so often to see whether that'll change, but no luck thus far.