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Jun 10, 2008 11:07 AM

Favorite katsu-don

I've been on a bit of a katsu-don tear lately. The experience of fried pork, sweet cooked onions, and egg all mixed together on top of rice - it's the sort of satisfaction a boy needs when his life his hard and his work brings him nothing but failure and tears. It's warm, porky, moist satisfaction.

A good one is at Yabu on Pico - since I tasted of the holy soba at Otafuku, I've kind of gone of Yabu's soba. But their katsu-don is pretty good - decently made, but with good-quality pork.

My new favorite, though, is in the minimall at the Mitsuwa Market at Venice and Centinela. Can't remember the name. If Santoku ramen is on the north wall, westernmost stall, hen this one is on the east wall, northernmost stall. It's name starts with an M? I don't know - it's the other one with the huge line besides santoku ramen. Their katsudon is spectacular - perfectly fried, perfectly crisp, and the whole thing is swimming in this light, gentle-smelling dashi broth. There's extra broth - the bottom of the bowl is floating in dashi. And as you eat the pork, the drippings of moist pork, moist onions, moist egg, all drip down onto the rice, and at the bottom is the World's Greatest Slurp - dashi, pork drippings, onion drippings, and rice happily soaking up in it like retirees in a warm Floridean ocean.

Other favorite places for katsu-don, or other katsu-like products?


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  1. My favorite was the one I had at Otafuku, the Soba place in Gardena... really top notch everything!


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      best tonkatsu (hire katsu) is at saga in monterey park
      best katsu don is at duck's in san gabriel. (they have mini katsu don/udon combo for dinner!)

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        Thanks for that! :) I'll have to keep this mind when school starts up again int he fall! :D


    2. I like katsu don at Suehiro cafe on 1st between Los Angeles and Alameda in Little Tokyo. Not flashy at all, just solid everyday Japanese fare, I've never been disappointed with any menu choice there.

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          Ah, Suehiro! I almost forgot! I place that between Yabu's and the unnamed place - the perfection of dampness in the Mitsuwa place puts it the teeniest slurp above Suehiro in my book, but that may just be bias. It 's a glorious katsuo-don.

        1. Wako (on both Wilshire and Olympic now) is really, really satisfying and such a good value too. It's Korean-owned, but it definitely competes with Otafuku.