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Jun 10, 2008 10:54 AM

RIP Natural Gourmet Sherman Oaks

I have been picking up delicious sandwiches and salads from the Natural Gourmet (Van Nuys Blvd in SO) for years. Upon returning from an extended business trip I found, to my utter dismay, it had not only closed but has been completely gutted and replaced by an Argentine steak joint called Pampas (There is also a location in Granada Hills). With the hope of finding a silver lining, my wife and I decided to try it out. We thought the appetizers were good, the spinach empanadas were nice and the chorizo tasty. But that was where it ended. I had the Lomo and my wife had the Entrana. The meat was ok, nothing special, the accompanying salad was nothing more than chopped up iceberg and a couple of tomato wedges. I will probably give it one more try, but I will sorely miss The Natural Gourmet.

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  1. My God! I work down the street and never noticed. I've even gotten flyers from Pampas. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will have to try Pampas, though.

    1. Silverlining= a good empanada... gotta go try 'em!

      1. I am so sad to see Natural Gourmet go. Does anyone know what happened? By any chance did they just relocate? Please!!!

        1. Well, as you can tell from my post linked here, I liked Pampas Cafe way more than you did.

          Really nice owners, and they just got their wines in today, which was later than they originally estimated.
          The salad as you mentioned was nothing special, yet all the other sides were quite tasty.
          Natural Gourmet had been for sale for about 2 years or so, as they really never had a reliable following that could be counted on to pay the bills month in and month out, and so finally sold it to Pampas Cafe.