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Jun 10, 2008 10:47 AM


Where can i buy the good stuff in the NOLA the great cracklin' that they have at Jazz Fest.....??

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  1. I usually get in the Breaux Bridge/Lafayette area. You may find it in some gas stations on the way there as well. Nothing like fat rendered in fat to get the counts up!

    in NOLA, Cochon may have a fix on it for you. or try these food sources:

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      1. Damn good question,t. I hear they got some cajun pople out on the west bank, but I ain't neva seen cracklin' anywhere near N.O. When I drive back to Flatte Platte, "Billy's Dinner" on 190 in Krotz Spring:

        Billy's Diner
        24467 Highway 190 W
        Krotz Springs, LA 70750
        (337) 566-2080

        Hit that spot up, when at all posible. Top notch boudin and cracklin. Really the closest place from New Orleans and Baton Rouge that I know of to get the real deal.
        I'd stay away from the 'boudin balls'. Go pure. This dude wote about it:

        But YEA!! Anyone know where around NOLA can you get you some boudin, crackin, griades(sp?), bouee (?), stuffed ponce, tasso, smoked sausage (not that stuff they call andouille here in the city, the real deal-smoked well)??

        Please don't mention that frou-frou, petite potion, bourgeoisie "Conchon" ain't got 'da lait'

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          If you find anything let me know. Some Ville Platte/Plaisance guys I know get me to import the stuff when I go on foraging trips. I think there is --or was-- some place on teh West Bank that a couple of these guys went to as a "suitable" substitute for sausage but damned if I can recall any details. I've never seen ponce in town or Acadian grillades(a completely different animal from New Orleans style) or cowboy stew. I've seen--and participated in--making cracklin in town but I had to go buy the lard elsewhere.

          1. re: boudin_and_cracklin

            The closest place to NOLA that counts as a "real" cajun butcher shop (in my book) is Bourgeois' Meat Market in Thibodaux. Good smoked sausage, good boudin (white, red, and smoked), and very very good fresh pork sausage. It's not exactly "close" but it is definitely worth the drive. If you're looking specifically for red boudin, call first. It is only made on certain days of the week. Oh, and it doesn't have chaudin/ really only see those on the west side of the Atchafalaya.

            Bourgeois Meat Market
            543 W Main St, Thibodaux, LA

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                Make sure you get some jerky at Bourgeois'. It's 20 bucks a pound but worth every penny. I agree, NOLA needs a great cajun meat market. Until that happens, I prefer Bourgeois' (not a big fan of their white boudin, but their crawfish is outstanding), Billeaud's in Broussard for boudin and cracklin, and Porche's in French Settlement for sausage.

                I agree with the OP about Cochon. It's not the real deal.

              2. re: boudin_and_cracklin

                I've had great crackin (and boudin) in Baton Rouge at Ronnie's Boudin & Crackin, on hwy 190 in east BR. So far it's the closest real cracklin I've found to New Orleans.

                Supposedly there is a new cajun grocery store in the Warehouse district, but I highly doubt they've got fresh cracklins.