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Jun 10, 2008 10:43 AM

Sometimes, stale foodstuffs/beverages = good snackin'

Hello... I can't be alone in this, right? I'm not insane, right? Well, who can say -- my therapist sure won't --, but the real question is: are there foodstuffs and beverages that you *prefer* as they become stale? And if so, do you sometimes purposely speed up their stale- encroaching entropy? Me, I like stale potato chips as they become _chewier_ and I enjoy washing them down with a bracingly opened/cold bottle of Sprite or 7-Up that's been de-carbonating in the fridge all night. And I like leaving the bag to the gummy bears (Haribo Gold Bears) and licorice open, so as to 'age' them into a nice toothsome chaw. Now it seems that some snacks as they become stale *soften* ( like graham crackers ), while others ( leftover pizza/bagels) *harden*. I suppose what I'm really liking here is when a known and loved foodstuff turns into its bizarro-world opposite. Not stale as in bad/moldy/rotten. But stale as in soften crunchy snacks and hardened chewy snacks. I mean, that's why they have crispy chocolate chip cookie recipes as well as chewy ones, yes? So, do you throw away stale snacks and foodstuffs, or do you adapt to their rate of decline and enjoy a different textural rendition of the original product, as I do?? Oh, and my #1 stale 'food' favorite: Peeps. They become the sugary croutons in my overly ripe fruit salad!

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  1. Wow, you reminded me that when I was a kid, my FAVORITE thing was to luck into a 'stale' (meaning soft) Oreo cookie in the cookie jar.

    Do people still use cookie jars? and put a slice of bread in there to somehow keep everything else fresh (?) -- My mom did that, but I'd still sometimes find that magic overlooked stale Oreo.

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      i remember loving soft oreos... it was easier to bend the cookies off the creme, and i would suck the soggy wafer til it was mush in my mouth.

      and i too loved stale graham crackers when i could eat them.

    2. I used to love flat coke as a kid...now not so much

      sometimes I like stale peanuts too, they kind of soften up...

      I like those "butter mints" once they get kinda hard...

      1. My husband loves stale brownies - so much so that he'll leave the tray out, uncovered, overnight, to get them to that right stage of crunchy.

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          Never had a sweet tooth, don't enjoy sweets that much, but I absolutely love dried Kashi oatmeal cookies (they're supposed to be chewy, I guess, but that would certainly not be as satisfying as the crunch of a dried-out cookie).

        2. My s/o LOVES stale peeps too. Buys them after the holiday season when they are clearanced, and then opens them up and leaves them out overnight. What is WRONG with you people?

          Just kidding. I really don't think I like stale anything...well, maybe stale oreos. They get chewy.

          1. Kimchi sour and old.

            Beef seven days old.

            Bread stale enough to make seasoned croutons for snacking.

            Uncultured butter left out at room temp until it tastes like aged brie.