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Pre-Wedding Out of Towner's Dinner - Suggestions?

Sherm_TO Jun 10, 2008 10:43 AM

I'm getting married next Spring and most of my family is from out of Toronto so I'm looking for some advice on where to hold an Out of towner's dinner for about 60 or so people. My family is Jewish so it would have to be a place that offered fish or vegetarian options as some of our guests won't eat pork, seafood or unkosher meat (Just about everyone will eat out at a non-Kosher restaurant though, we're not that religious). Someplace reasonable in the midtown area, from St. Clair to the 401, not too far off Yonge. As an example, my fiancee suggested The Miller Tavern on Yonge just South of York Mills, which sounds good, but I wanted to see if there were any other ideas floating around ChowHound (I'd think it should be nothing too exotic).

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    torontofoodiegirl Jun 10, 2008 11:35 AM

    What day of the week will the dinner be? If it's a Sunday, that'll give you a lot more options (because you could take over an entire restaurant). However, I'm guessing that your actual wedding would be on the Sunday and the dinner would be before - am I right?

    I think that the general consensus re: Miller Tavern is that it's overpriced for the quality of the food.

    I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a possible venue, but there aren't many places with private rooms that are big enough (most - eg. Quince, which I would have recommended, seem to cap at 40). However, it looks like Wildfire on Yonge north of Lawrence will close to the public for a group of 60, so you may want to check with them (I haven't been there, but I think it's decent).

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      TorontoJo Jun 10, 2008 07:34 PM

      I'd definitely pick Wildfire over Miller Tavern or Trapper's (all are in the same area). It's a good "safe" choice for picky eaters and has a nice, steakhouse atmosphere.

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      peppermint pate Jun 10, 2008 11:40 AM

      Five Doors North or Grano may work - you could take over one (or more) of the rooms.

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      1. re: peppermint pate
        nummanumma Jun 10, 2008 02:43 PM

        Five doors north for a family party before a wedding? I don't think i'd recommend that one...grano though, definitely. Quince if they can fit you-

      2. pescatarian Jun 10, 2008 02:48 PM

        What about something like Jerusalem on Eglinton. Perhaps you can book half the restaurant or something.

        1. lyndak Jun 10, 2008 03:47 PM

          I'm going to suggest Trapper's. I've always enjoyed my meals there.


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          1. re: lyndak
            pearlD Jun 10, 2008 04:27 PM

            I would suggest The Corner House (Davenport..South of St. Clair but close enough.....sort of 'across' from Casa Loma) They might be able to give you the whole place on a Sunday...it's very cozy, nice intimate setting and the food is very good, they will probably be able to discuss various 'set' food options to choose from..Fish, Meat, Vegetarian etc.. Parking is convenient (on street). The place has an old elegance feeling but not shabby-chic.

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            Baggins Jun 11, 2008 09:37 AM

            It's outside of your designated area but I had a fantastic rehearsal dinner at Bistro 990. Lots of flexibility in coming up with the menu and the upstairs area with private room and bar would be perfect for your numbers.

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            1. re: Baggins
              cynalan Jun 12, 2008 11:28 AM

              Bistro 990 is an adequate choice. Food is good but at a premium cost. Can do similarly well elsewhere. I like the Wildfire suggestion. Have had a couple of very good meals there without breaking the piggy bank.

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