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Pann's - Thoughts, recommendations, things to avoid?

After driving past it thousands of times, I'm finally going to Pann's. A friend, who's an architecture freak, has a layover at LAX. I'm picking her up for close quick dinner.

So, let's through this net wide...What's good?


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      I second what others are posting but want to add the link to the web page. The fried chicken dinner is maybe the best in town. I have had dry mac & cheese twice, very moist one. A plate of Fried chicken wings for the table are a must if you order something other than fried chicken dinner as your main meal. The shakes are very good. the Oreo shake is a must try. The Turkey dinner is like Thanksgiving Day and the cranberry sauce that comes with it is exceprional. Burgers and that patty melt are good. Get some pea soup to go bwcause you will want something the next day that reminds you of the good home cook'n you had the night before.

      I hope someone says something about the steaks and chops.I would like to try them myself but I just keep ordering tat freied chicken dinner ...


      1. re: JeetJet

        the vanilla shake is horrid.
        the ice cream they use is the lowest quality, not creamy, and has an aftertaste of artificial flavor.

        also, do not get the grilled cheese sandwich. i know, it's hard to screw up grilled cheese, but they managed to do it.

        the waffles are on par with the kind you can buy from the freezer case at any safeway.

    2. 6 chicken wings with or without the waffle or the fried chicken dinner with a baked potato or the patty melt medium rare

      1. The WINGS! The Pea Soup. The Club Sandwich. The Milkshakes!! :)


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            I love their biscuits! And the grits! Yum! Yum!

            1. I've heard good things about the patty melt.

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                The patty melt is the King Hog of all patty melts, I say. Somehow better than their burgers, certainly bigger (half-pound!). I get it on sourdough, which I love, instead of the rye which I don't, or not grilled anyway. All of the above-mentioned items are excellent. I adore the split-pea soup, which they always have, and I must triple the recs for wings, or even the 1/2 fried chicken.

                To avoid? Well, the fish & chips is only so-so, and their fries are themselves nothing special, unless they're fresh from the fryer. The side vegetables with the plate orders are bland and boring, as are the dinner rolls, and the cornbread (muffins, really) could please only someone who didn't know what cornbread is...which I suspect is a category that covers most of LA, but let's not get started on that...

              2. Also had a Pann's craving after seeing it used in the (short-lived) TV series Daybreak. Biscuits and breakfast-y things for me, thanks!

                1. The fried chicken is awesome! I love their potato salad as well, oh and the mac and cheese is pretty good too.

                  1. Their burger "The Dream Burger" is very good, juicy and well constructed, I dig the red relish it comes with. Fries are nothing special, but the onion rings are quite nice - good batter to onion ratio and surprisingly light. Also I second the patty melt, one of the best in town.

                    1. What a weird coincidence. I was just going to start a Pann's post. I hadn't been for a while but I went last night with a friend who is new to town and had never been. I ordered exactly what I felt like eating and drinking -the six wings and waffle with strawberries and whipped cream accompanied by a glass of Mondavi merlot. The dish arrived and I poured the strawberries, whipped cream, syrup and melted butter all over the waffle. This post could now jump to that one started today about "your last meal" fantasy. It was amazingly delicious and even with the wine factored in as a blood thinner, not too healthy but what the hell. My friend loved her fried chicken and of course the great atmosphere. There is no place like Pann's. To finish off the evening we stopped at Randy's Donuts -I know -excess, but both places are LA treasures and since they're in the same neighborhood, I couldn't resist.

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                      1. re: Dyspepsia

                        Has anyone ever ordered Pann's Bouillabaisse?

                        I just don't see a diner as the place to order it, so I always get the wings.

                        I've not been willing to give up a meal I know will be good for one that might disappoint.

                        Should I?

                      2. The Chicken Fried Steak is very good. Country gravy and mashed potatoes. GREAT!

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                        1. re: Wes

                          You just reminded me - one of the things I admire about this place is that not only is the gravy REAL gravy, but they make different ones for different applications: CF steak gets country cream gravy, chicken gets chicken gravy, pot roast gets brown gravy...seems perfectly normal, and it should be, but it's amazing how many places (Roscoe's lurches to mind here) have just "gravy", likely as not from a can.