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Jun 10, 2008 10:13 AM

scapes--but not garlic!

so i've got a bunch of leeks and onions growing in my garden patch, and they've been sending forth little flowerheads. i trimmed them all off (b/f they bloomed) on the theory that (a) that would promote growth of the stalk and/or bulb; and (b) if you can eat garlic scapes, why not leek and onion scapes? however, i haven't had any luck finding any info--recipes, whether they will kill you, etc.--on non-garlic scapes. any ideas / experiences / recommendations?

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  1. Aren't leek "scapes" called "ramps"?

    Well, I guess the true test - blanch them and saute them up with some butter.. see how they taste.

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    1. Sounds like they're bolting, I'm afraid. Leeks and onions don't do scapes.

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      1. re: Aromatherapy

        i poked around and this page:
        refers to all the flowerheads for alliums as "scapes." in which case they could be leek/onion scapes AND be bolting!

        in any case, i fried some up with a bit of black forest bacon and olive oil to toss with some sweet pea and ricotta ravioli i bought. the leek scapes were delicious, with a very mild leek-like flavor, whereas the onion ones were too tough (they're very thin.) hopefully they don't kill me!

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          Next time some leeks bolt (which will probably be this summer, after this heat wave), I'll try that! How large are your leeks? Mine are sort of large chive thickness so far. In the past the ones that have bolted were far bigger and the stalks were pretty hard. I didn't think to try eating them, learn something new all the time.

          1. re: Aromatherapy

            mine are about, um, 1" or so in diameter? they're pretty tall though. they only bolted recently (last several days), so maybe that's why the stalks weren't tough?

      2. Scapes are the shoots of hard neck garlic.
        more info:

        1. I found a few small onions just beginning to bolt, with tight-closed buds (walla walla sweets that missed harvest last year). The onion scape is hollow and pretty much the same as the leaves. The onions were still sound (fully bolted onions are gross) so I just sliced the entire thing and sauteed slowly in olive oil. All parts were really good. Added pecorino romano, grated lemon peel, black pepper and dressed pasta with it.