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Visiting Ogden Utah

any good eats in Ogden. the most i have heard is go to SLC but i would like to try to save some gas money lol. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. We thought the Bombay Grill was delicious - 3035 Washington Blvd
    The Kaffee Mercantile had yummy coffee and sweets - 26th and Harrison

    1. Roosters is GREAT as is Union Grill (same owners I think). The Greenery Restaurant, and Melina's {actually in Brigham City just one exit north on the freeway TRY THE DESSERT NACHOS (definitely not authentic, but very good)}. Maddox ranch house is known for their chicken and turkey steaks - pretty popular as well. Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip and DO report back :)

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        So I went to Timbermines had the ground steak with mushrooms. I liked the food but i loved the decor even more. The Union Grill was really good, I had the artichoke chicken which was delicious and the strawberry lemonade, yummy. Prairie Schooners was okay, had the ranch steak with mushrooms, it was very good andagain loved the decor. I also went to the Village Inn had the Ultimate skillet w/pancakes, Village Inn is kind of like a Denny's or Carrows. The breakfast there wasn't bad at all so-so IMO.

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          Thanks so much for reporting back! I know I have eaten at Prarie Schooners but can't for the life of me remember what I ate. I don't live there myself anymore, but Union Grill was almost a weekly stop for me :) You're exactly right about Village Inn, they're all over the place in Utah, and yep, Denny's is a good analogy. Did you ever venture in to Salt Lake? If so, where did you eat? I hope the rest of your trip went well. Thanks again for posting :)

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            I didn't venture in to SLC but next time I will for sure.

      2. thanks for the help. I might go to the Maddox Ranch House. I will def let you guys know, I might also go to Finn's Cafe. I am visiting my FIL who is swedish so I think Finn's would be cool

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          I like the Union Grill but Rooster's is just barely passable as a brewpub. I like the taco cart at the east end of the 25th street strip. I haven't eaten at Maddox but my wife went and detested it.

        2. As an Ogden transplant from the east coast, I can say that no foodie would ever list Rooster's or the Greenery as a "good eat".

          1. Can't say I would recommend Roosters, Union Grill or Maddox. Slim pickings in Ogden, sorry to say. One place though that hasn't been bad is a little Japanese place called Temari. They have weird hours, open for lunch and dinner.

            Good udon and tempura. Sushi is homestyle, so don't expect something from a sushi bar. But I read about their specialty which is grilled mackerel filet. Pretty good stuff. No booze list.

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              Union Grill was very good IMO. Despite it being busy we were served fast and with courtesy and the food was very good.

            2. My boyfriend is from Utah and deployed to Iraq right now. He raves about turkey steaks. What are they?? Are they something I can order and/or prepare for him when he gets home?

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                Maddox is known for them. My understanding is that they are a form ground turkey patties ( think). My aunt used to buy them at some of the local markets in the freezer section.

                According to their website, the turkey steak is an "original"