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Jun 10, 2008 09:31 AM

Columbia Restaurant Ybor

Dined at the fabled Columbia Restaurant this weekend. I hadn't been there in a few years. The last time I very much enjoyed their Paella and I think we had a great Pompano dish.

This time however, it was like awful diner food. First I had Croquetas y Croquetas, which were Devil Crab Croquettes and Chicken Croquettes. Hard little balls that consisted of a lot of bread crumbs and were over cooked. Had to use a lot of hot sauce. The proprietary bottle of hot sauce was very good, as was their house wine, Don Cesar, I think.

The Roast Pork "A La Cubana" was a real disappointment, dry and over sauced with thick "goopy" gravy.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that. The one in Celebration has always been good for us.

    1. sorry to hear about this. almost all of my expereiences, especially in the ybor location, have been very positive. I wouldn't have left without complaining to your server. There is no excuse for lousy food. I've always found that they want to do the right thing if they know the situation. Too many people endure bad food because they don't want to speak up. Did you say anything?

      1. The Columbia in St Armands Circle in Sarasota SUCKS TOO !!!!!!!

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          Can't confirm that the Columbia in St. Armands Circle sucks. When we tried to go there for lunch the host was so rude we didn't even sit, just turned and walked out.

          1. re: irwin

            Even though I live in Tampa, the St. Armands location is the only one I've been to...

            Like "Spanish Night' at a hospital cafeteria!

            I was shocked...

          2. I'd never say Columbia is a foodie experience, but I'd also never say it sucks. I have always had good food and good service there; portions are ridiculously generous.