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Jun 10, 2008 09:30 AM

Pain Quotidien

I see that a store will open soon in Bethesda, MD, and that there is also one in Georgetown. Worth the search for a parking place?

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  1. I like Pain Quotidien -- there is one around the block from my office in Bev. Hills, CA. They have a lot of organic items on their menu, good breads, quiche and nice salads. It's pricier than a lot of chains, but that's because they use quality ingredients. I didn't realize they had any stores outside of NY and CA in the US.

    Here's a link to their website, with menu:

    1. The one in Greenwich Village used to carry this vanilla cream filled donut type of pastry, that was super delicious. They don't carry it anymore here, but if the one in MD does, it would be worth the search for a parking space.

      1. Take the Metro -- it's worth it! Good bread and open-face sandwiches at lunchtime, and the croissants are good too. For breakfast you can order bread and they bring a caddy with a jar of preserves/jam, their version of nutella and a praline spread. Yum. (Though I hope they make the bread with water from somewhere other than DC. DC has the worst bread items -- pizza, bagels, etc. -- I've been told it's the water.)

        1. Try the brownie, it is sooo damn good.

          1. After waiting 35 minutes for two sandwiches, we left. I paid for my cafe au lait- but the coffee beans were burnt. Too bad, we had high expectations and were looking forward to it, having tried the ones in Europe. The noise level was so high that we were not even able to talk during our wait... I hope my experience was just very unusual!

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              it doesn't sound that unusual to me. the food is pretty good, but the experiences i've had eating there have been less than comfortable. the restaurants tend to be jam-packed, very noisy (as you mentioned), and not very tidy, and the wait time for basic things like drink refills, an extra fork, or even the check can be lengthy. imho, take-out or delivery is the way to go here.