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Jun 10, 2008 09:22 AM

Asian or Chinese food Jupter to Port St Lucie

Are there any decent Asain or Chinese restaurants out there? I'm in Stuart and they are all like stepping back into the fifties! Help!

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  1. Rumor is that Mr. Zhang's Fine Chinese Cuisine in PBG is good but the "Fine Cuisine" part does not interest me in the very least. Actually, most of their dishes are in the $14 to $16 range, so I doubt that it's actually fine dining.

    Mr Zhang Fine Chinese Cuisine
    4650 Donald Ross Rd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

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      Here in the Port St. Lucie area there isn't much to choose from where asian food is concerned....There is a place that just re-located from Port St. Lucie to Stuart....It's called 'Dresa' and it's in the Publix Shopping Center that's located on US1 and Kanner Highway......When 'Dresa' was in PSL we ate there often and liked their food quite a bit.....The owner....Elsa... is Phillipino....and her staff is from various parts of Asia....and thus she has different dishes with different influences.....I haven't dined there since Dresa left the PSL area.....But the many dishes that we tried were all very good.....The sushi served was outstanding.....and the wait staff was personable and attentive......So...perhaps this might be a place to try.....