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Jun 10, 2008 09:06 AM

A Coffee Rut...suggestions needed!!! (Kansas City)

I really want to try out some new coffee places in Kansas City. Any Suggestions? I am insanely sick of my usual Starbucks drinks, so I'd love some great local spots!

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  1. Where are you? Here's a bunch in the brookside-ish area:

    The Roasterie on Brookside Blvd & 63rd (just north)
    Oak Stree Coffeehouse - Oak and 63rd
    Linda's Winged Cup on Oak & Gregory
    Muddy's on 51st and Brookside Blvd.

    1. Filling Station (on Gilham, I think) - near Hallmark HQ. They have fresh juices, too.

      Latteland is always a good choice for a Starbucks alternative with the convenience of debit cards. - Location on Plaza and State Line & 83rd-ish. Also in Briarcliff Village.

      There is a coffee shop in Brookside -maybe Bella Napoli - I see ppl. get stuff there a lot. Never been...

      I don't want to turn into a rant, but some of the KC places need to cut the styrofoam cups out. GROSS. . The coffee tastes bad and you cannot recycle them. So, bring your own cup if you want to avoid .....

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      1. Last time I was in town, I tried the cute and tiny place on State Line at hmmm, about 49th? Right by the florist and the Pembroke Day School. Nice selection of coffee creations and hot tea run by a funny guy. Sorry, I don't know the name (or if it is still there) but it is a convenient place to stop and then sit in the park with your dog and enjoy the day.

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          HiHat - a cute, teeny, tiny little place. Good call!

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            Only open during the day, though, and not on Sunday.

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              Speaking of cute and tiny, which HiHat very much is, has anyone ever tried A Cup Above in Louisburg? It really does NOT look like it's related to A Cup Above on Barry Rd., which is some kind of a Christian coffee house. There are some pictures of it in the Yahoo yellow pages listing, but I can't seem to get their website to work. Anyway, it just looks charming. I'm definitely not a coffee connoisseur... I'm all about the chai and hot chocolate though.

            2. re: tomatoaday

              Hihat is super cute. And, the servers were very nice!

              1. re: stellamystar

                I checked out hihat and it was GREAT!!!! i absolutely loved it and i got into a great conversation with the barista.

                Also, I checked out the Roasterie plant on Southwest Blvd. My friend took me on their Saturday tour, which is FREE! Can't get better than that. They recently added a coffee shop in the plant so you get to actually see them roast the coffee from inside the shop. It was pretty cool, and I definitely recommend the tour for some Saturday entertainment

            3. Anyone been to Dunn Bros. IN the Red Bridge shopping area?

              1. Broadway roasters is by far the best in KC. They were even featured in the New York Times for outstanding independent roasters. I think they even beat out the starbucks next door, meaning closed them down. All of their espresso drinks are pulled very well. Mochas are great.