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Jun 10, 2008 09:06 AM

Best quality vegatables at inexpensive prices?

I make it to the farmer's markets as often as possible, but I am locked indoors during most of hours of sunlight.

What, in your opinion, is the best vendor in the area for inexpensive, quality vegetables?

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  1. I stand by Russo's in Watertown for the best quality and the best prices...also the best variety.

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    1. re: fmcoxe6188

      Great advice! The quality is fantastic and the prices are quite fair. The lines are long and that is the only bummer. Worth the trip!

    2. I also recommend Russo's in Watertown. Pricing is very fair and the quality and selection is excellent. They also have a great cheese section and their homemade pastas and ravioli are fantastic. Love Russo's!

      1. I third Russo's! If you can't make it out to Watertown, try your local Trader Joe's.

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        1. re: marilees

          super 88 allston, you may want to pick veggies in season but the prices are great.

        2. I fourth Russo's! I'm very lucky to live about a mile from Russo's, so I walk there to shop - about twice a week. I love their Chinese vegetables: good variety, good quality, and often cheaper than Super88 in Allston. Even if it's not cheaper, I save $ on gas by not having to drive to Allston. They also have many kinds of mushrooms - button, oyster, maitake, king, shitake etc. Last week I even saw morels so I bought some.

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            Lamberts in Dorchester is far cheaper than the major chains and what I find to be better quality.

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              count me in on the Russo's shout-out. The greens are always good, you can pick up dairy, cheese, deli, olives and bread, and the range is great. Not everything is perfect (as with everyplace, pick and choose what looks best) but the prices and the quality are generally the best as is the variety. You also can get wonderful "odd" things: buddha's hand, mushrooms as mentioned above (the morels last week were great) and asian greens i have never seen before.

          2. I recommend Wilson Farms in Lexington. Not only for the vegetables, but as a general all around farm store. It seems that the produce I buy there just lasts longer. Everything produce is either "our own" for from a specific state. They had Conn strawberries last week and also Greenhouse tomatoes from ME which are almost as good as tomatoes in August. They also raise eggs. They also sell fun things like Wagyu burgers and Wild Boar Bacon. I was there last week and they had rhubarb and spinach from the farm.