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Jun 10, 2008 09:01 AM

Cross-border groceries [moved from Canada board]

When I visit the US, I spend hours in the grocery stores looking at the "different" groceries. Is there anything anyone has discovered that's especially worth the trip?

I'm a fan of the following which are unavailable in Canada:
Weird flavours of pop (diet cherry chocolate fudge)
Weird flavours of ground coffee (coconut macaroon)
Quaker Weight Control Banana Bread instant oatmeal
Chocolate marshmallows
Thomas english muffins
Busch beans

And these items are just great bargains:
Kraft pizza kits
Any cheeses
Instant sauce/gravy/taco seasoning packets
BBQ sauces
Salad dressings
Low fat hot dogs
Low carb tortillas

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  1. I do the opposite--I check out the grocery and convenience stores in Canada when I visit from Michigan. My focus tends to be on candy (wine gums, cadbury Bourneville bars) and chips (roast chicken chips remain at the top of the list, though loaded baked potato were pretty good too. There was also a time when I could still get liters of Coke in glass bottles in Windsor, but I think everyone's gone plastic now. If you like weird pop--have you tried Vernors?

    I'll add that when I travel anywhere I like to cruise the grocery store. For example, I'll load up on good cornmeal when I go South.

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      Vernors is not weird pop to we Canadians who grew up in SW Ontario. It was the only pop my Grandma ever had at her house. It doesn't taste the same anymore though.

    2. My wife makes trips from Toronto to Buffalo about every six weeks. She buys baking staples - flour, butter, eggs, baking powder, etc. - at about half the price she pays in Canada. Butter here is about $4/lb; she pays around $2/lb in Buffalo.

      She also likes going to Target, Sam's Club, etc. because of the many food stuffs on offer that just aren't available in Toronto.