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Jun 10, 2008 08:51 AM

Cafe Montrose [HOU]

I have seen or heard this restaurant's name come up numerous times recently. I'm not one for moules, so what else is recommended?

Thanks :)

Oops - How can I edit the post name to include Houston?

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  1. i truly can't recommend anything beyond moules frites or steak frites, except maybe dessert. they have the biggest mussels in houston, but if you don't like them maybe you should just pass. i've had some terrible experiences with other things on their menu and with service here.

    1. This info is second hand, but a Houndly acquaintance who's lived in Luxembourg and spent considerable time in Belgium says Montrose Cafe has good Waterzooi and Carbonade.

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      1. re: Dorothy

        I kind of like the Waterzooi myself, but on one occasion the sauce was WAY too thick, but anyway...if you don't like mussels, one could easily make a meal of beer and Cafe Montrose french fries, which are, without a doubt, the best in town.

        1. re: foodpro13

          I second the french fries and great beer. I would also highly recommend the brussel sprouts. I have enjoyed several of the non-moules entrees, although they are definitely inconsistent at best. The stew can be great, but it can also be very tough. The mussels are usually great, I think the marinerre are the best.

          Cafe Montrose is one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood. The service ranges between indifferent and downright surly, it is a little dingy, and the french fries come with homemade mayonnaise. Its just like being in Europe. My only real complaint is that they have recently hired an extremely overbearing waiter (used to work at t'afia) who makes dining there a little stressful. Other than that, I think its a great dining experience. Also, the dame vert (pistachio ice cream with homemade fudge) is awesome and you get your own pitcher of fudge!

      2. The Moules Marinniere are wonderful, but beyond that I can only recommend the Belgian Fries and an outrageously good apple dessert that's not on their menu. Sort of a tarte tatin that certainly did not redeem the rest of the mediocre meal, but is amazing. Neverfull is right. The mussels are huge.

        1. I went to Cafe Montrose today. A few lights were on but sign said "Closed Until Further Notice". Sounds like the end of the line, anyone know anything?

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          1. re: scjohann

            that would be a shame if they closed down. i consider myself kind of a chicken salad connoisseur, and i like the sandwich at montrose cafe. similar in style to the one at the french house, only i find theirs to be overly sweet. also, those fries are delicious.

            1. re: bpdhlbrg

              I read in the Chronicle yesterday that Cafe Montrose is officially closed.

            2. re: scjohann

              Go to Alison Cooks blog on the site. She has some scoop about this place.