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Jun 10, 2008 08:43 AM

Any recs for a non-chain restaurant near the Westin, downtown Denver?

Going to be in Denver for one night and staying at the Westin at 1672 Lawrence Street. We're looking for a non-chain restaurant to have dinner somewhere close by. Any Denver institutions that we should hit up? Anything decent within walking distance? We are open to all price ranges, styles, and enjoy virtually every type/ethnicity of food. Also, we're looking for a "late" dinner - probably around 9:00? Thanks!

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  1. You have a ton of options. You're walking distance to Larimer Square and LoDo. Options in Larimer Square include Rioja, Bistro Vendome, and Osteria Marco. In LoDo, you could hit the 9th Door, Vesta, Jax Fish House, and numerous other options. My top choice would probably be Rioja for something somewhat fancier (although it's Denver, so it's still pretty casual) or Osteria Marco, for a more casual dinner.

    1. You're in luck, since there are more non-chain restaurants in downtown Denver than chains, and many are at Larimer Square, just one block from Lawrence Street. I would add to Megiac's suggestion Panzano, a first-rate Italian restaurant in the nearby Hotel Monaco. In fact, Jennifer Jaszinski, partner/chef at Rioja and Bistro Vendome, got her Denver start at Panzano. Panzano serves till 9:30 pm on Sun, 10:00 Mon-Thurs and 11:00 Fri and Sat.

      Another than isn't exactly an institution but does service late (10:00 m Sun-Thurs, 11:00 Fri and Sat) is the Corner Office at 14th and Curtis.

      Also Restaurant 1876 in the Grand Hyatt is currently offering a special three-course prix fixe dinner for $52.80 for two, with Colorado herbs featured. You might want to hop the Mall Shuttle to Welton Street if you want to try that.

      1. Awesome, great choices, thanks! I'll let you know where we go and how it was!

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          I agree with Megiac and Claire that you should hit up Larimer Square, particularly the section between 15th and 14th that houses Osteria Marco, Rioja, Tamayo, Bistro Vendome, and Cru Wine Bar. The bacon app at Rioja is a must.They have recently tweaked their cocktail menu as well. OM, Rioja, BV, and Tamayo are all on Open Table.