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Jun 10, 2008 08:37 AM

Toronto's most exotic food

I'm curious to know what CH'ers have identified as Toronto's most exotic food. When I say "exotic" I don't mean it has to be from the tropics, but from any country rarely discussed on this board. It could be a restaurant or some purveyor.

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  1. There are still no restaurants in TO that make habanero poppers or almost habanero anything (Scotch Bonnets don't count) I have never seen a Naga Morich (Dorset Naga aka Bhut Jolokia) on any menu outside of my own cooking.

    1. Lets start with the letter "S":
      Szechuan - Szechuan Legend
      Senegalese - Teranga African Restaurant
      Spruce Tips - Pick em off a tree or buy them pickled at St. Lawrence